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  1. Hi, Few minutes ago I created 2 lvl wings and after that i noticed that I have lost about 400 kk zen. This is not the price I used to pay every time i did that earlier. This must be some error so plz check my logs or something. I did that with Hadzia character. Serv Mega. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I wonder about one thing. Few days ago I was checking the price of crafting basilisk and It wa: 1 goldsmith, 5 gemstones, 35 jewels, 105kk zen and some cashpoints Today I checked and price is higher: 1 goldsmith, 10 gemstones, 41 jewels, over 100 cashpoints, and 116 kk zen. Why is that?
  3. 1. My nickname: Hadzia2. Game server: Mega3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.3 / 4.64. Nickname of the offender: https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=LeopardoG&serv=server6 , LeopardoG5. Proof:
  4. Dear Administration, After many hours on Your server I have some insights: 1. Amount of zen need for res and crafting some things are very high and it takes long time to gather it. We can't warp ruined lore, kanturu, santa village etc. from all 3 mega servers (only main) so task is even more difficult. Maby one of the solutions will be rising amount of zen drop from monsters or decrese prices for resand crafting. 2. Collecting bc 6/7 components is also annoying. I spent last days in hope i will find some and after many hours on kanturu 2 i get 0. Pleas improve drop rate and maby maps where we can find those items. Thats all for now. Regards!
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