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  1. And what exactly i said wrong? Was it that I offended his mother or that I called him whore? If for example I would only call him whore, without mentioning his mom, would it be OK? Because he in fact acted like a tinny little whore. Edit: And thought that i came up before sleep. If you don't want to be called a little whore then why act like one? Hope this words of wisdom help you see things more clear. Greetings
  2. 7 days for a friendly banter?! Waay to long, make it 48h please.
  3. Soo how long will the ban last? Can i get an answer?
  4. "collapse under her wieht" its obvious joke. And how long ban will last?
  5. x100 Mega char: kalignacy Banned without any information of cause or for how long. WTF?
  6. X100 MEGA S>MG wing2+L+ignore+9 = SM wing2+L+ignore (i have MG wings)
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