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  1. If I used the speed hack I could have passed through the city gate and entered the castle with ease. There's no way I can just hang around in one gate location, it's because of the game's connection loss error. Please check the exact pvp log that day. I used a character to pk with the character -ALLARMO- right at that time outside the city gate.
  2. Hello admin @Ivan Nebraska, Shan, @B4lenak l again. You know this is the 2nd and 3rd time I've filed a complaint about my account being locked inappropriately. Anyone who uses cheats has a purpose. But this was due to a server connection error, so I had to close the entire application every time my teammates shouted to pass the city gate. I can't use the cheat with a 32k vit, 32k agi warrior character as support. If using speedhack, the parameters displayed on the opponent will prove everything. Once again, please give justice to me and all Vietnamese players. I believe this is a fair game.
  3. Hello I am: -Atula- x50 server Avalon. Please help me explain the following: - I'm on the live Guard list. And monitor the exact functionality of the software - If I speed hacked, I could easily kill BORODA, there's no reason why I couldn't kill him. - Do you guys have a pvp log or anything? It's impossible to rely on someone else's computer screen and ask me to hack it
  4. thaib

    Cheat ALF + F4 Venus

    Alt+F4 then the position is Alt+F4. not about VIP. It's stupid to still complain. noob
  5. thaib

    Cheat ALF + F4 Venus

    Stupid enough to not be able to tell time
  6. thaib

    Cheat ALF + f4 ManhDW

    5. 1ChemXong 6. 3.1
  7. Picking up pearls by hand is considered automatic
  8. x10 Jade I need to check char elfb3 . Why is my account locked? antihack checks to see if I use hack or someone reports me. Where is the denunciation video?
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