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  1. Hi, Sorry but Retch is a little cunt. I have never had any beef with any of the players on this server and been friendly with everyone. I even gave out items to membrs to help them out start all done to help server grow and bring more players - we need new players. But when a cunt like this Retch comes and constantly kill everyone on the spots everyday every hour new people will start to quickly quit the server. No one will want to play when they can't do quests etc. I'm not toxic player, he is by making other players life on the server miserable. He don't understand if people like him continue to do what he do there will be no one left to play with. For me this guy has absolutely no respect and I'll be calling him names, it's funny after what he's doing he even have nervers to come here and report me when I finally said something to him. I suggest mods look into players like him cause because of him we see less and less players on server everyday.
  2. zbao11

    Cheat ALF + F4 Venus

    2 different times :)) @Ivan Nebraska
  3. 1. -zBaoBao2. Jade X103. 3.14. Venus 5. November 10, 2023
  4. denounce accuser . 1ChemXong. in the video he is still using to accuse others?
  5. 1. -zBaoBao2. Jade X103. 3.14. ManhDW
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