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  1. i wil just straight things up. neKs came to spot, started to ks, i killed him, he killed me, all day long - nothing special, just showing one another who can piss farther and who is more stubborn. But later he says: you are noob, you are nothing..moron, guard and m4l licker (the last one is actually funny). And he knows that max he can get is mute.. so.. i guess at least that.
  2. I checked translation and it says „slave of vietnam”. As far as i see it there is no context of this message - it may indicate, but out of context i doesnt mean anything – he might be speaking about history of Vienam ^^^ Also he wasn’t streaming that time. I watch his streams and there was no situation that raised doubts regarding his statements or action. His contents are usually about helping other people especially newbies (like yesterday givaways of items to new players) and providing good tips to progress. Also i dont understand why you connect his off-stream text to his streaming activity – it doesnt make sens. As @liangshiu said, I think that tere is some kind of a tension between players and they make him look like a racist, just to make him some troubles..
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