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  1. Hey Admins, I'm a new player in this game (I started 1-2 months ago) and I have really bad experience with this mood0. As a new player, I have all the respect to the players in this server especially the OG guys. I remember Zombie & Jeep helped me by giving their items for me to get started nicely. Then I ran into this mood0 who kills AFK players then says things like "noob" or "you're my favorite player to kill". Isn't that bullying? He will insult and try to provoke us new players then he will proceed to report. Why are we not doing something about this mood0? He is the source of all hate and bans on this server. Just look at the ban list, most comes from him. Do you ever wonder why this Avalon server seems new but look at the drop of players since then. It seems no one is enjoying this server and part of it is players like mood0 who seems trying so hard to provoke everyone and report them if they retaliate. Like if you read the global chat/posts, you will see how this mood0 guy is so notorious that most players hates him too. What are we doing with his toxicity towards new players like us?
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