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Found 4 results

  1. soot103

    Unreasonable Ban

    Hi administrators ! I realize that some people are racist against Vietnamese people, They intentionally arrange and fabricate excuses and statements that are meant to offend other people's dignity and denounce Vietnamese people (of course, accusations their report is not convincing enough). 1. Nicknames: zSecurity 2. Game server: KING x100 I have a complaint and got banned 3 accounts. Even though I'm not the one locked up and have nothing to do with the incident. But I feel there is no fairness and absurdity here. https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F61410-king-x100-rosieclazy-babygg-acprodl02-41-42-43-46%2F&fbclid=IwAR2P30ljjh0BA9shWlCBH_-rNOrd41UpOCQUpzRIQ5Chi4UtGkJ9TUfiHiE In this topic, SuperONE try to using google to translate Vietnamese to English, but he try to use the bad word with the mean to insult the other one like himself. Three example on the chat in game is : 1> "dit con me may", he try to translate to " địt con mẹ mày ". But the truth is " dịt còn mê mày " ( see the picture or translate by yourself) 2> " con cho du ma may " he try to translate to " con chó đụ má mày" . but the truth is " còn chờ dụ mà mày " 3> " dit me may, may de tao biet may o ngoai " he try to translate to " địt mẹ mày, mày để tao biết mày ở ngoài" . But the truth is " dịt mê mày, mày để tao biết mày con ở ngoài " Actually, I do not know why they are get banned with some normal conversation? I've been trying to stick with you for a long time. This is actually one of my top favorite games. so I always want to be fair and transparent in judging someone. and I have a lot of confidence in the admin team. P/s: Why do I say he's a racist? If he wants to translate into another language, understand exactly what it means, don't try to distort and slander our language. Thank you so much. Please unban them.
  2. This is Klaus from Empire X500 Have you guys tried playing MG with ANC Sets like ever ? Im using : Gaion set mix Anubis which give 15% Exellent dmg rate 25% Double damage rate 5% ignore rate + Wing+9 give 41% dmg with another 3% Ignore rate + Runeblade +9 with 10% Exellent dmg rate + 2% dmg + 40% damage when using 2 handed weapon from ANC Set activate + Using Satan +25% dmg + Ring Wizard + 10% physical dmg And you are Developer of this game and you cant even explain to me why im doing that much dmg to people ... how can i ? For the record . Those video about me running away from BK in CC , why do you think that is ? I CANT NEVER kill BK with DD + Ref set and HP over 300K okay ? I can only kill weak people with HP less than 60k and 90k SD which if you check the log that @BeL4eNaK provide . Those log from SRT8 you provides , all i see is he always fight against TOP Players of the server ( kAze , Fixed , Dimania , HUGE ... ) and you expect him to do much dmg as i do to weak people ? Those people that i killed doesnt even use SD Potions. You better log in to my account " AGAIN " and see my damage for yourself. And better release me soon , cause banning people without any prove or evidence is a really shitty move . Thanks !
  3. Hi ! Im Klaus from Empire x500 . Im writing this topic for the reason on the title. I've been playing this game for over 2 months now and i really enjoy playing it. This is the first time i got banned and its for 7 days. And for the record the guy that got banned with me name -Lea- only got banned 1 day but he's the one that cursed at me first and i cursed back. I understand cursing is NOT COOL but to be fair i only cursed back because he insulted me so why am i being punished harder. Please release me , i promise i will not behave like this ever again . Sincerely !
  4. https://forum.bless.gs/index.php?showtopic=34350&hl=NadirShakh&do=findComment&comment=369641 требую снять бан с перса NadirSHakh по той причине что 1) на скрине нету даты когда это было сделано 2) на персе другой персонаж имя3) айпи не было доказано.4) в оскорблениях нету такого чтобы следовало 8 пункту, следовательно любое такое оскорбление идёт на 4.2 4.3 или жду доказательства что этот перс находился на этом же айпи. на скрине нету даты даже! скрин не подлежит доказательству, почему-то чужие скрины такие закрываются сразу темы а тут не закрыта хочу узнать в чём дело? почему тема не была закрыта, т.к скрин не подлежит нормальности! 2- жду извинений за несправедливый бан перса моего знакомого. как показано на скрине но мерси когда создан файл его подделать легко! 1-меняем дату на компе, 2- кидайем файл в фотошоп 3 - меняем имя 4- вуаля у нас изминённая дата на скрине создания и файл названный как надо. Из этого всенр следует что бан человек получил не заслужено баньте того кто на скрине а не человека который не виновен! УБЕДИТЕЛЬНАЯ ПРОСЬБА К БЕЛКЕ СНЯТЬ С ДОЛЖНОСТИ ТЮРЕМЩИКА КОТОРЫЙ ЗАБАНИЛ НЕВИНОВНОГО!
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