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King of the Ring Event

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A regular PvP event to win in which you must remain the only player in the ring, kill all other participants, or be as close as possible to the center of the ring if there are other players inside the ring.


Each time the event takes place at one of the specified locations where the rings are located:
Arkania - 224 75 | Lorencia - 223 78 | Devias - 160 26 | Noria - 132 127 | Atlans - 58 34 | Tarkan - 107 195 

If you are the only player in the ring, then every second you get 7 points.
If there are several players in the ring, then the one who is closer to the center receives 4 points every second.
For each kill in PvP radius you get 5 points, for death 1 point.
For killing the current leader, you get 100 points.
For kills and deaths in a PvP radius, players also receive the usual Level-UP Experience.

PvP radius - a zone 7 coordinates wide from the center of the ring, where all players automatically get a combat cursor. If your cursor is automatically in combat mode - you will get points for this kill.

The event runs for 10 minutes every 2 hours immediately after Chaos Castle:
13:10 | 15:10 | 17:10 | 19:10 | 21:10 | 23:10

Each time before the start of the event, one of the random prizes that the winner will receive is announced:
Violet Mistery Box | Shard of Condor

For fair play, the display of nicknames is disabled at the event, all participants are given the same skins, and area damage is enabled in the PvP radius - your massive abilities deal damage to everyone in the affected area, as in the castle siege.

If a player has already won an event today, then coming to the next event on the same day he will not be able to receive points, and the speed of drinking his cans will be significantly slowed down. So every day there will be 12 different winners. The counter resets at midnight.

Special modifiers during the event:

- All damage is reduced to 40%.
- Disabled Guild Buff, Shield Defense Skill and Party.
- For each class, custom settings for HP Potion consumption speed.
- The current leader gets an additional slowdown of HP Potion consumption.
- At the beginning of the event all buffs are reset
- You can't buff other characters during the event


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