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Server Settings - Avalon x50

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Bless Avalon x50 - medium rate server with the new anti-cheat - opening on March 23

We are expanding the line of our servers without donate shop. There are absolutely no full items, wings, or enhanced pets on sale. In general, the server is compatible with the Origin server and is suitable for future merges.

The main distinguishing feature of the new server will be the massive introduction of Shards of Condor into various aspects of the game - quests, events, bosses. This will significantly reduce the cost of Flame of Condor, reduce the load on Chaos Castle, and make the wings more accessible to the majority of players. 

Consecutive in-game Quest System with more than 370 missions. For completing tasks you receive Zen, Cashpoints, Jewels, lootboxes, level-ups and additional stat points. The total amount of stat points, which you will be able to get after completing all quests is over 12 000. Stat points obtained in the quest system do not disappear with the resets, that means, the more quests you complete, the stronger your character becomes permanently.

To prevent most active players from rushing away from the others - quests become available gradually. Initially, there are 124 quests available on the server - up to the first significant Golden Dragon boss. When first 10 players successfully complete first 105 tasks, another 20 will become available, until the next boss. When 10 people perform 124 quests, 20 more will be added and so on.

Similar to quests, resets will also be unlocked gradually, which will give an additional opportunity for less hardcore players not to drop out of the reset race. Reset system is divided into three parts:

  • to unlock 21 reset 50 people must complete 20 resets
  • to unlock 31 reset 40 people must complete 30 resets
  • to unlock 4reset 30 people must complete 40 resets

Reset table:



Cost of reset Zen 10kk * amount of resets | Creation MG/DL - 150/220 Lvl | Guild Limits 35/40 | Alliances: no
Referral rewards : 25 | 35 | 45 resets

The first Castle Siege will take place on Sunday, April 23th, 18:00.
Crywolf event takes place every Wednesday on 21:30.

Donate limitations:

  • There will never be a donate shop on the server with full Excellent items, wings, or enhanced pets.
  • Excellent weapons and shields +12+13 with 5 random Excellent options are available in the lottery.
  • No Broken Broken for Fenrir creation in the Cash Shop.
  • Stats purchase service will be unavailable from the start. It will become available on March 27.
  • Power Buff purchases will be unavailable at the start. It will become available on March 25 at 00:00.
  • The lottery will be unavailable at the start. It will become available on March 25 at 00:00.
  • No separate VIP server. VIP account purchase is available only for bon. website.
  • After the first siege Flame of Condor will be added to the 3 groups of the lottery.


After 10 players receive maximum reset and level, tribute system will start to work, and the experience on the last reset will be increased 2 times.


 Guild Tribute (GT) - one of the features of this server, that will in full answer the question - of what should do after reaching a reset cap. Guild Tribute allows you to increase the strength of your guild and expand its influence on the server. The system involves a number of components - leveling speed, resets, buff strength, chances of earning bonuses, and much more.

To perform a Guild Tribute, your character must be in a guild, have max reset and max level. After GT your level will be dropped to 1 and stats will be given as if you acquired your last reset. The experience rates for your character after making a tribute will be x5, and all subsequent tributes will be performed at these exp rates.

Guild Tribute cost:
500kk Zen + 10 Bonuses (optional)
Castle Lord will receive 20% of your payment in taxes.

With every GT you get:
+1 Guild Tribute Points for your guild for 10 days
+1 Lottery tickets
+1 Random Lootbox

Guild Tribute Points have an expiry date. Every time when you perform a GT with your character, a guild in which you are a member gets 1 GTP for 10 days. For example, if a guild wants to be constantly in a possession of 10 GTP, then within 10 days its members must perform a total of 10 GT every 10 days.

Maximum amount of GTP that the guild can possess is 30.

How the amount of current GTP affects the guild:

1) Each current GTP reduces reset waiting time by 1 minute for all guild members up to zero.
2) Each current GTP increases the total Guild Power Buff depending on the number of people in the guild:




What happens during a Guild Tribute to the character?
- Almost the same thing as with the ordinary reset, except that the number of reset remains unchanged. Stats are reset, level set to 1 and all related to reset processes will take place.

What happens if you join the guild, make GT and then leave the guild?
- Guild gets +1 GTP for X days at the time when you performed a GT. Whether you will continue to be in a guild does not matter, GTP will remain with the guild.

Will I lose bought stats when making a Guild Tribute?
- No, tribute does not effect bought stats at all. They will remain in full volume during GT.


Basic facts about our project here.
A complete list of the features of our game worlds is here.
A detailed guide to playing on our servers is here.

Wiki source

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