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[21.09.2023] - Preparing to launch - Jade

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In order for players to develop more evenly from the start, restrictions have been introduced on the creation of wings when the server is opened: a count of all created wings will be kept and, depending on this, new recipes will gradually open:

- to create lvl 3 wings, 3000 lvl 2 wings must be created on the server
- to create 4 lvl wings, 50 lvl 3 wings must be created on the server
- to create lvl 5 wings, 25 lvl 4 wings must be created on the server

You can track the number of wings already created on the server in server statistics. Regarding old servers, we do not have complete statistics of all mixes, but we will try to collect data from the existing logs manually.

The mix for level 3 wings creation has been updated; instead of Jewel of Creation, you now need Shard of Condor Bundle x10.

Wings 2 lvl have received new options, now with maximum upgrades your character can get HP and SD +475, Mana and AG +400 , Defense +300, Attack Speed +155, Enemy's Defense Ignore Rate +3%. This will slightly reduce the gap between wings 2 lvl and 3 lvl.

Improved options on basic fenrirs: Blue Fenrir received a 10% increase in damage and 50 Excellent Damage, Black Fenrir received a 10% increase in Defense and 500 HP. Now these pets will be able to stay relevant longer without the need for an expensive upgrade.

Stadium has been expanded, 5 new spots with new monsters and a Stadium God boss with a 50% multi-drop: Violet Mistery Box, Lilac Candy Box, Jewel of Guardian, Jewel of Creation, Zen 27kk, Jewel of Goldsmith. Multi-drop means that several items can drop from the boss, each with its own drop chance, all items can drop at once, or only some, depending on the chance.

New mini-location Abyssal Sanctuary has been added, where you will find a narrow corridor with monsters that stun you on the way to the Sea Shogun boss (multi-drop: 50% Shard of Condor, 100% Violet Mistery Box, 50% Pink Mistery Box, Zen). You can get to the Sanctuary through Elbeland.

Safe zone has been removed from Balgass Refuge; when teleporting to the location, players will appear randomly anywhere on the map. Added bosses: Pyrelord Unchained (multidrop: 10% Shard of Condor, 50% Violet Mistery Box, 50% Orange Candy Box, 100% 9kk Zen), Infernal Dualhowl (multidrop: 25% Claw of Beast, 100% Bless of Guardian, Zen ).

In Swamp of Peace, Medusa received a floating respawn time and 50% multi-drop: Violet Mistery Box, Pink Mistery Box, Green Ribbon Box, Blue Ribbon Box, Zen. New boss Golemgeist (multi-drop 25% Shard of Condor, 100% Elixir of Mana, 50% Jewel of Harmony, 50% Gemstone, Zen)

The HP of monsters in Chaos Castle increased tenfold. Now in the early stages of the game they will not fall out in one hit

Bless Arena bosses that are not used in the quest system were removed from VIP Arena 10 Main.

When entering the game you now see information about your ongoing Random Quest and Guild Quest. Also, when completing a quest, the chat will no longer flood; notifications have been moved to system messages.

All shields above Crimson Glory, Guardian, Frost Barrier, Salamander and Cross have been removed from the regular drop. Now it will be possible to get non-excellent versions of top shields only in the crafting system and on the website.

Mages now can transform their Exc. Chaos Lighting Staff into Exc. Chaos Great Staff. Chaos Machine Mix Recipe: Exc. Chaos Lighting Staff + Jewel of Creation x30 + Anubis Ring of Fire + Jewel Chaos. The cost of crafting is 500 kk Zen, the chance of success is 100%. When mixing, all options and upgrades of the item are preserved.

Options for Excellent Chaos Weapons have been balanced, now the basic versions give 10% Damage to Monsters and Critical Damage Rate, subsequent upgrades give a 5% increase, up to 20% for elves. To craft on the website, you will additionally need 1 Gemstone, which will now be found in the early stages of the quest system, as well as from the new monster in Lorencia.

Exc. Basilisk Staff can now be upgraded to Exc. Great Basilisk Staff, which is higher in grade and increases poison based damage by another 5%. Chaos Machine Mix Recipe: Exc. Basilisk Staff + Jewel of Soul x30, + Jewel of Life x30 + Mist Ring of Poison + Jewel Chaos. The cost of crafting is 700 kk Zen, the chance of success is 100%. When mixing, all options and upgrades of the item are preserved.

Additional upgrades to Divine Weapons now also provide a 5% increase in additional options. True Guardian Bow received an increase in Absorb True Damage PvP 90 (from 80), Chaos Blade and Shield Critical Damage Rate 12% (from 10%), Skeleton Staff AG & Mana 550 (from 500), Spirit Sword HP +9000 (from 7000) ).

Work on the website continues, the news are being updated

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