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[28.03.2024] - Introducing Eurale!

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Introducing Eurale - the elder and much fiercer sister of Medusa. She is now the main boss in the Swamp of Peace from which you can obtain parts of the new top-tier armor sets: Stormwing, Dark, Devil, Magic Knight, and Ambition. The respawn time is random, up to 15 hours. There will be a global notification to the entire server 5 minutes before her appearance. Medusa now also has global notification before respawning.

When killing bosses containing the Shard of Condor, the notification will no longer specify which specific monster was killed; 5 minutes before the respawn of any of the Shard bosses, there will be a notification to the entire server indicating that one of the monsters will soon appear, without specifying which one. This is done to maximize the randomization of the respawn of these bosses and make it practically impossible for the same players to control them.

For the drop of Ancient items, we now have new bosses - Ancient Lords. Their names immediately indicate which grade of Ancient items drops from them. Now in Dungeon, there are 4x Ancient Lord (E), 2x Ancient Lord (D), in Ruined Lorencia 3x Ancient Lord (E), Jungle Noria 1x Ancient Lord (D), and in Snowstorm Devias, Ancient Lord (C). It will not be as easy to kill the new bosses as it was with the previous ones.

Armored Goldsmiths in the Dungeon now have random respawn times. There are fewer Goldsmiths in the Dungeon, but they have appeared in Devias Fortress and Snowstorm Devias, with a noticeable increase in health.

The level of Chaos, Bless, Soul, and Life jewels has been increased. This means that these jewels will no longer drop from regular monsters in newbie locations. Jewel of Chaos will now start dropping from Valkyrie in Atlans, Bless from Silver Valkyrie, Soul from Mutant, and Life from Bloody Wolf. This should significantly reduce the prevalence of AFK jewel farming in starting locations. Additionally, the drop of jewels in Aida has been completely removed. As a result, Non-PvP locations are now exclusively applicable for leveling up and completing quests.

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