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[10.05.2024] - Referral System Update

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We have observed how our referral system is being utilized and have decided to make some enhancements in line with current realities.

Now, there's an option to change your referrer (the person whose referral link you used to register). This can be done if you haven't received any referral rewards on a specific server yet. It could be relevant if your current referrer, for example, stopped playing or ceased to assist you in the game. Changing your referrer is allowed only once per server.

For those who registered without a referrer, there's now an opportunity to input an invitation number and become a referral of the player you choose. This option will be available until you have spent more than 100 hours in the game on a specific server. This allows proactive players to seek potential referrals directly in the game among newcomers. Once you become a referral in this way, you cannot change your referrer on that server.

You can now find out who your referrer is in the referrals section, where you can also obtain your personal referral invitation number.

When a new server opens, you no longer need to register a new account; you can stay with your current referrer or choose a new one.

For all accounts with a referrer, there's now a one-time offer: upon the first purchase of bonuses, you'll receive additional lottery tickets - 1 ticket for every 200 purchased bonuses. If you change your referrer, you have 60 minutes to claim the bonus.

Similarly, streamer promo codes work; in the donate section, you can enter a streamer's Promo Code or a player's invitation number to become their referral. Within 60 minutes of entering the promo code, you'll have the opportunity to receive additional lottery tickets with your first donation. Promo code usage is available if you've spent less than 100 hours in the game on a specific server.

In the future, we plan to introduce account progression elements that will apply to all servers at the same time, further motivating players to stick with one account consistently.

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