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  1. Cheaters, violators or whatever you called that, in general its always there in any games or projects. Just remove the "BAIL" payments. permanently ban those cheaters. and ban the same time when get caught and not giving a chance again to transfer items or anything to another account. less hassle for you too. P.S there is a lot of way to earn.
  2. Dear Admin, Today, we went to Kalima 7 to kill kundun relics for a quest. i was just wondering since nobody was there and we we're packed of party and it was all my guild mates. Usual for this kind of quest, last hit must take the quest go through, so my mates doesnt attack and i'm the only one who was there fighting and hitting the Kundun relics. after it died, my quest does not count. so is this a bug or ? P.s i only have screen shots but you can check this timing between 21:10 to 21:20 sv time. screen shot below;
  3. + agree.. will transfer 600 PP to his zgames account and then ill donate 400pp directly to his zgames account.
  4. 1. Doods 2. King x100 3. 3.1 4. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Rastinen&serv=server1 5. Proof ;
  5. removing or not removing flames at ET does not matter if these abusers are in the project. limit the windows per IP , lets see who's the real players. anyway you have already entered the Vietnamese gaming world, you have players who will play to your projects and future projects. and as i can see, the marketing team of this project is working hard and i see some changes to their advertising strategies. so ?
  6. Doods

    4.10 KING

    whether the rules is not applicable or applicable on this scenario, you guys still taking advantage and everybody knows CULT is under by ORDER. it is very shame that you guys will do everything just to beat SNUFF. imagine how you guys show your ass to Vietnamese people just to get their attention ? imagine how many characters has been complaint to prison section from your guild ? imagine how many accounts been banned because of cheating and how many new rules comes because of your guild ? it is a clear low life attitude from you guys. just real talk and imagine those things. trying to dominate server by not playing fair is real low life players. go FAIR man.
  7. Doods

    4.10 KING

    ahmm. i'm not getting shock every time i saw this guys in prison topic. they used to that. everything will take advantage.
  8. Doods

    ELF buffs

    1 month old and we still in the same page. appreciate if you could at least answer or just close this thread. @BeL4eNaK thank you
  9. Doods

    ELF buffs

    Hi Admin, As you can see in the video, i have set-up my clicker to below keys; 1 - Defense buff 2 - Damage Buff 3 - Ragefull Buff After setting it up, i started clicker and from the beginning it buffs me and my party, but the problem is "the Ragefull buff continues to buff" and i am not pressing right click or anything from my mouse and keyboards. the previous one if i'm not wrong, it was only get used/autobuff if anyone in your party out of buffs. 20200825_150711.mp4
  10. Doods

    ELF buffs

    Hi Admin, As you had been informed that the recent update of buff for the elf's are having so much issue and trouble for me and i'm sure for every elf buffer in this server. We all know that the fast "F6" auto buff was way easy for everyone and it was working all perfect. you just gonna press F6 and will buff the entire nearby party. but with the recent update which you can buff without using F6 was a big mess for each and every buffers. the recent update is was not working 100% all the time and even the F6 is now mess up too. everything was not working 100% now. tried so many times and experience so many times in most of the events, specially Castle Siege and boss hunt. I hope the previous way for using buffs will go back to what it was or otherwise can be fixed these errors. Thank you and appreciate your fast action.
  11. 1) Server king x1002) Your nick : Doods3) What exactly are you selling : Iris Set+13+dd+L+def28+Hdd84) What exactly are you getting from the other party : 10pcs of Pink Chocolate Boxes (CC box)5) Nick of the second party forum : myrefa5 / in game : supabuff6) How the deal will be done : i will put Iris Set+13+dd+L+def28+hdd8 to web with password, he will trade 10 cc box to me in game , after trading i will give him password.
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