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  1. 1) Server king x1002) Your nick : Doods3) What exactly are you selling : Iris Set+13+dd+L+def28+Hdd84) What exactly are you getting from the other party : 10pcs of Pink Chocolate Boxes (CC box)5) Nick of the second party forum : myrefa5 / in game : supabuff6) How the deal will be done : i will put Iris Set+13+dd+L+def28+hdd8 to web with password, he will trade 10 cc box to me in game , after trading i will give him password.
  2. Hackers, cheaters and scammers should ban their IP. if this won't change, its either players will play for free or quitting.
  3. my Discord > Doods#0930 S> https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Doodskie&serv=server1 Items included below ; >Lord Scepter+13+FO >Scale Armor+13+dd+hp+luck>Scale Helm+12+dd+hp+luck>Scale Gloves+11+dd+hp+luck>Scale Boots+11+dd+hp+luck>Scale Pants+11+dd+hp+luck >Light Plate Armor+12+dd+zen+luck>Light Plate Gloves+11+dd+zen+luck>Light Plate Pants+11+dd+zen+luck>Light Plate Boots+9+ref+hp+zen+luck>Light Plate Helm+9+ref+zen+luck >Mist Armor+9>Mist Helm+9>Hyperion Gloves+9>Hyperion Pants+9>Hyperion Boots+9>Mist Ring >Wing+ignoremy Discord > Doods#0930
  4. 1) King x100 2) Doods 3) Selling Pad Set+15+REF+DD+HDD8+16+LUCK 4) getting 3000PP to my zgames account: doods21 5) Phihuynh 6) I'll give the access of my zgames account to Phihuynh for buying PP. After buying I will change my zgames password and put items to the market for 12 bons with a password.
  5. do you sell the staff separately ? if yes, please let me know the price. thank you
  6. Agreed. transferring PP to your account and ill see you link for an item to purchase from website market amounting as agreed above.
  7. Doods


    Hi, Appreciate your response, will do my best to get more quest and achievements :). Thank you :)
  8. Doods


    Doods / Grand Master / 96 / https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=Doods&serv=server1 Doods / 29 United Arab Emirates Friendly, Talkative, Competitive, Trustworthy Doods#0930 (Video and Mic available) Nothing at all First of all Castle Siege, and also the members are very friendly which i can be fit. very well experienced members whom i can reach for something i don't know about in-game. I knew some members who i am not very close but can chat with them sometimes or whenever we met in any places. Yes
  9. The issue regarding AFK farm zen in Dungeon has been solved. I hope the Dungeon will be back to what it was before. it is very difficult to hunt zen now a days.
  10. Hi haycolen12 and -ZLO- , all done and well satisfied. Thank you both for time. appreciated.
  11. Noted and agreed. will wait for your zgames account. ill let you know today anytime once deposited the 1,000 PP to your account. Thank you
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