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  1. Screen of X - 10 plz from duel!!!!!! Champ of idiocy thats what you are. You just provoke and when lose disappear and stay quiet. But since you talking about names i shouldnt even deal with you.....crazy girl.... 6 months ago your Friend MANGUS was saying in my messages in discord that you are an idiot(ask Mangus) .....not need me to say that 😄 😄 😄 😄
  2. How many times i read <<MOUSE>> ????????
  3. the difference is that as soon as you mentioned it Redlady moved. Freaky warned 15 times and DIDNT move. FACTS.
  4. Elf used bug abuse of SZ. During the incident 2 Bosses were killed. This wasnt just a fight in BA it was clearly bug abuse as we couldnt hit the Elf which lead to benefit 12zen party. We spammed at least 15 times as you CLEARLY can see. He refused to move and stayed in bug.
  5. You are overthinking my dear neversleep. Better take some rest of the game. I think the cheaters you mentioned you meant your DL EVRO or whoever have the program connected. As about who can be trusted we know very well that your guild should keep their mouth shut. You and the rest of the 12babies know very well that CHILL dont cheat. IS A FACT!!!!!!!!!!! Also ava9oob need to be banned for misleading the ADMINISTRATION.
  6. ava7anche should be panished for 4.19
  7. -AlexLion-


    1. Let admins do the math. 2.You very well know WHO started and also i dont "cut" anything....I AM NOT u 3. How is fun for you??
  8. -AlexLion-


    1. -HateMost-2. Origin. Main3. 4.2 4.18 4.https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Crazy-&serv=server4 https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=MangusT&serv=server4 5. Isnt this something that they are doing dear Admins??? According to the last reports that @Craft have posted try to find the obscene language between. Bare in mind the last reports from x30. If this isnt a warning for 4.18 then lets all here get 4.2 until 3023...why not? Getting offended daily not for gamestyle but because they want to provoke in order to get the worst of you just to ban means that it will be busy for you guys here.
  9. This is what 12Zen is doing and NO ADMIN even do anything about it... How many stupid videos or stupid posts in forum -Craft- have posted ??????????? The video doesnt event show DELIBERATELY that the player switched char and it worked out. (during the video recording no PvP was done or boss killed)
  10. -AlexLion-

    KD (12noLIFE)

    What i have noticed playing MUbless since February 2020 is that all the players here have different reasons to play this game. Some enjoy the game for various reasons without trying to harm anyone and some other with intentions to harm the opponent in unfair way. Apparently many people here have to deal in daily basis with such players. I apologise if i replied a bit hursh on @vsem3avse. My bad. But STOP playing UNFAIR!!!! Instead of having a nice competition you just make most of us playing x30 server to leave the project.
  11. -AlexLion-

    KD (12noLIFE)

    @vsem3avse you the most famous for sucking Ds for some swords or items. You also famous for cheating and stealing your teammates. Honesty for you is something you werent taught. A parasite of life who feels comfortable behind a screen. A racist and a cunt.
  12. -AlexLion-

    KD (12noLIFE)

    @BeL4eNaK Opposite team have hacked one of our chars. Please check logs of -Zippyhttps://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Zippy&serv=server4
  13. -AlexLion-

    KD (12noLIFE)

    You just put your self in trouble.
  14. -AlexLion-

    KD (12noLIFE)

    @BeL4eNaK With all the respect, you know about this bug/abuse that shouldnt exist for more than a month. 12zen guild in x30 are abusing it in maximum and you still havent done any changes or corrections. This can lead to only trouble for you and the players if you dont act.
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