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  1. -AlexLion- x100 Group E: Slovakia v Spain 1-2 (19:00, Seville) Group E: Sweden v Poland 2-1 (19:00, St. Petersburg ) Group F: Germany v Hungary 3-0 (22:00, Munich ) Group F: Portugal v France 2-1 (22 : 00, Budapest )
  2. -AlexLion-

    Quest 211

    You absolutely right, i thought he was asking for the Quest of Maya Right/Left hand. Thanks for correcting. And sorry Jenga
  3. -AlexLion-

    4.2 Violation

    1.My nickname: -AlexLion- 2.Game server : King 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.2 4. Nickname of offender: BlueBlue
  4. -AlexLion-

    Quest 211

    Hi, the Nightmare event starts 25h after the last kill. If you go at the gate it will tell you how long time left for the event to start. You will need the Moonstone ring and for as long as you are inside, you must not remove it. Good luck.
  5. Hello, i can confirm i will do the donate of his link and i will get from trade 2x Flames 2xFeather
  6. Maya Hand and Nightmare are in the same time and respawn every 25 hours from the time of the event finished! You can check in entrance of refining stone the time. Erohim is every 25h from the time is killed. Crywolf event is every Wednesday at 21.30 sv time. Hope this info help you! GL
  7. I propose that HRS should count as an unmix achivement. Maybe make it a bit more expensive? Or even add a chaos jewel?? Also refining Gemstones?? since is more expensive!
  8. I wish HRS was counting, but is not!
  9. Korky is right!!!! You must have a serious problem in the head kid. First provoke and then come and cry!!!! None of us have ever reported you noob!!! And u have used WORST words! So pathetic man!!! SERIOUSLY !!
  10. Hello, Those are really great upgrades!! One of the best is the CC bug and the elemental rings craft. Great work to all of u !!! Thanks
  11. Hi, no it will be added on top of your 800. So will be +1200 + the previous 800
  12. 1) King x100 2) -AlexLion- 3) I am selling a Plate Set +13 DD REF HP (except boots DD REF MANA) 4) I'm getting 500pp 5) -Knight- 6) -Knight- will get the password first(first he need to confirm in topic) and he will send me the donate on Zgames 7) I have fully read the rules of contractual deals and am aware of all the risks.
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