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  1. Always nice seeing new stuff!!! Thanks! Keep the nice work.
  2. Hi, no i dont have another screenshot. I dont usually report people but particularly this one is overdoing it lately. If this screen cant be enough of evidence i will understand but bare in mind that it wont stop him from being annoying and rude!!! Thanks.
  3. -AlexLion-

    4.2 Violation

    1) -AlexLion-2) King x1003) 4.24) Bambey 5)5)
  4. -AlexLion-


    Mate seriously, why so much hate??? Its a discrimination to say such a thing. You cant put all the people in the same basket. Better delete that comment because is totally inappropriate and this community doesnt support your beliefs. PS. i am not Russian!!
  5. Hi, all done! Thank you very much. Have fun and Good luck
  6. Hi, the statue over there is in case u have PK status. When u get teleported in Silent Ground you have to pass through the gate in front of you. You dont have a great vision over there but if u keep going straight u will come out at and the mobs will appear. Try to do some exploration around and u will understand how SG works. If you need further help pm me in game -AlexLion- and i can give u a tour for free xD. Good Luck
  7. Hi, yes i mean excactly that!! The characters name that is using it is -Knight- from server x100
  8. Hello, i am -AlexLion- from server x100 Lately inside the chaos castle there is a BK who cant be hit. Is that a bug?? Or is he cheating? Sorry that i cant provide more proofs at the moment. Next time i will try to take some screen shots or even record it. If there is anyone else who has some proofs or anything to help admins, please provide so. Thanks
  9. -AlexLion-

    3rd quest

    Hi, i think is asking you 3 of each item not 1! Try that once.
  10. Thank you very much! Everything was fine! Enjoy it at x500
  11. Hi, AlexLion here and I can confirm that!! I will do 1st the transfer and after he confirms he will send me the password
  12. Hello, With all the respect, i am little bit disappointed with this situation. I understand i might have violated with my name, but this char is online the last 6 months 24/7. How come it wasnt an issue before and is now? Also i would like to mention that there are so many more names on chars that have a bad meaning but havent seen them blocked. And last but not least if you try to make a name with a bad meaning games doesnt allow you to create it. Why this one was okay from game to be created? Thanks
  13. Hello, While I was online I realised that one of my accounts was disconnected from the server. When I tried to log in again I saw that I was blocked by a member of the server. I have no clue why I am being blocked and I am sure I haven't violated anything. My characters name SickBitch Please someone here to explain me the reason? Have I done something wrong that I am not aware? Thanks
  14. AlexLion BK/100rr/151quests https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=AlexLion&serv=server1 Alex, 29 years old Oxford, United Kingdom I am a team-player and a very healthy competitive person. My passion is cooking and I am a Head Chef of a 4* Hotel. Yes, I have discord microphone and etc.. I don't have any problem or conflict with any guild member or alliance. To gain experience from top players, participate in as many events as possible and always help to become no 1 guild. Yes I have read the charter of the guild
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