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  1. Kill until that person leaves , or just bother changing the map
  2. First of all, this is a PK game !! You can't ask someone not to kill you < while in the PK area > Next, after the recent update, takan has become a chaos mining area, so it's very normal for you to afk there and get killed, every day there are dozens of MG/DL accounts afk farming chaos
  3. Cases like this are quite common According to what was announced in previous articles, when you attack someone and they do not take damage you should ask them to exit the game within 1 minute. If they fail to do so and continue to play it is an offense !!
  4. you will not be locked when playing EE Because according to the explanation, EE do not need macros The rest are all possible so they will be banned whether they are used or not because they cannot verify, so they should all be banned to be fair
  5. If you want an answer, you must provide information account ? name ingame server ?
  6. Sometimes playing on foreign servers is like that , where we live it's nothing , but here they think it's offensive and they ban it if you play then play, if you don't play then stop
  7. There is no need to argue or justify If I am banned , he must also be banned
  8. Above all , if you want to report auto-pick , you should report it secretly . Instead of posting publicly when there is no video , they will turn it off link
  9. If you want to know if they will automatically pick it up, throw a red box and record videos
  10. arkania 100% farm chaos ^^
  11. The problem of killing farm zen + jewel people is normal!! If he doesn't kill you but just exits, it's not a violation, but if he kills you and then exits, it's a violation, because after the 30-second command expires , he can exit
  12. @Ivan Nebraska @R.A.S.K.A @BeL4eNaK @-Cerebrum- The way you guys work is so strange!! When I'm wrong, you don't care about the reason, you follow the rules < ok, I'm wrong, I accept > until you're wrong, you disappear =))
  13. @Ivan Nebraska @-Cerebrum- @R.A.S.K.A @BeL4eNaK 3 Day
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