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  1. Tell me, why You no one time didn't send video when the mass batlee going on? Send video from mass battles with the processes opened on your PC. Why you send videos from ET, Duel, when we show video from mass battle. You and all your guild are funny liers. If Empire guild use something, SHOW EVIDENCE like we did that. Report, where is the problem, the most of our guild play this game 10+ years, we know how thing work in game and I'm not a racist, but when Vietnam/Asia arrived on Bless everything has been started : cheats have been maded, updates on cheats in your FB group - when admins maded first anticheat, combo clicker and a lot of other shit, Asia has been duping CC boxes, I don't know maybe now they duping like blue ribbon boxes or Green Mystery boxes, for me it is strange when Your guild can get Asteroth like 1 time in month and You got Sunlight set instead of us when we take asteroth about 99% times and don't have sunlight set, Paewang set on paco looks interesting too. Admins if it's not hard - please check this. And now Asia is talking like white and fluffy, this is funny
  2. Unemployed, I want to say You one thing more, if Your GM HUGE/kAze don't stop to go outside BA with a BUG, we will report about that, You can also see it on the last video of skym in the begining and the last video in Psycho topic, there he came out with bug like 2 times and You know about that, cause ELF is awaiting for him, to give the buff, when we can't hit! Have a great day, play fair game!
  3. Threaten You, how ? Said about what You have did allready Are you talking about this? Look what do Your boyfriends bug-o-users, You are ugly, stop to talk like we do something, when You do this every time, everyday. Stop talking bullshit and just be a man!!! Cmon send your videos here
  4. Then tell me please another fair player, You get the buff by this 2 second bug, why you don't wait when the buff dissapear and then try to give this buff honestly??? This means that you used this bug and knew about using it, because You write : "You could not attack for 2 seconds and I moved to let you killed me." Now tell me please You and Your boyfriends haven't got advantage in this moment? Got! Your writen is ugly!! Trust me, from now we will report every single step.
  5. Who started reportings? You and your boyfriends start this all drama, am I wrong? No! Now you are crying about the fact, that you are too accidently used this bug, we like to motivate You, yes someone make this with bad words, but you are always welcome to report about 4.2. rule. The most funny, 2 weeks ago they said that theyre guild are all canadians, now they are asians? WTF? By the way, on 15.07. in BA your BK has given buff to You, by this bug, I will find a video, some of our teammates now filming every battle in BA, so be aware GL HF!
  6. Fair player @nhatrix500 what you can say about @skym video? All you allready sayd about us - it is about YOU and YOUR GUILD! The most funny of this all : they cannot win in game battles, so they try to win by banning our GM and other, what a shame, better practicing It is ugly to have so much 4-th wings+15+really good options, some are 3-option wings and loose to guys who have wings +13-14 without options, really look at yourself and understand - your guild is just newbies. Cry me a river....
  7. You must say that he is bug, than there is no question that he is using something, but this situation is uncontrollable, no one know when it happen if the oposite person don't say about that, because in he's screen he is out from safe zone.
  8. Please show proofs, You and your boyfriend always, everyday coming out from safe zone in BA with bug. GL HF
  9. Watch this video one more time, guys said that he is in BUG, if you or your boyfriends said, that he is bugged, than you can tell something about using bugs, but you didn't. And your video is about andavtage? Boss is killed, stupid or what ?
  10. @-Z-L-O- vot vi dali rec, a gde prosjba vijti iz rassinhrona ot zajavitelja? gde ot nih hotj 1 soobshenie 4to po nemu dmg ne idet? v takoj bug celenapravlenno ne popastj, tak zhe kak i v bug s dmg, kogda FS ne prohodit, eto oshibka servera i pri dannom rasklade objazateljno nado napisatj tomu po komu etot dmg ne prohodit. Razve ja ne prav?
  11. ok, bystryj zajm, sam inogda polzovalsja, vsjo trebujut, kak vipisku so scheta, tak i nomer scheta, v tvoem slu4ae kak ti opisivaesh eto pohozhe na zolotuju jamu, ti iz kakoj strani budesh? nado ehatj k vam na takie zarabotki sudja po vsemu, no 4toto mne etomu ne veritsja.
  12. spravka o dohodah gde beretsja ? ti dazhe sam neznaesh ni odnogo takogo mesta, nazovi hotj odno, tipo ti prishel govorish ja zaebatij pacan, mogu vsjo vipla4ivatj, dajte mne 5k ili druguju summu i tebe ih vidajut, da eshe i nali4nimi? 4to za fuflo ?
  13. Banki dajut krediti bez bankovskogo scheta ? ti ebanutij nagluho ? kak skazhi oni ocenivajut tvoju platezhesposobnostj? i v kakih bankah vidajut nali4nimi krediti rasskazhi
  14. kakoj zhe ti kon4enij da, nalogovaja mozhet vidatj spravku o nali4ii schetov zaregistrirovannih na 4eloveka, esli sam vladelec zaprashivaet dannuju informaciju, po4emu dajut takuju spravku ho4esh znatj ? esli 4elovek gdeto zasvetil svoi pasport ili sdelal kopiju, nedobrosovestnie mogut otkritj schet na ego imja i krutitj 4erez nego babki-otmivatj i on ob etom ni4ego ne podozrevaet. Lutshe bi ushel otsjuda zanimatsja samoobrazovaniem daun.
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