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  1. You know the truth ? If everything clear, why don't give answer?
  2. And You still ignoring the topic about report a cheater (before liveguard updated) as usual which regarding your underground relationship. Good job
  3. Okay understand, I think this notice is quite not useful. It just annoying and drift other messages. Everyone know the combo cooldown has delayed already.
  4. But why Penalty , I don't understand? Does system will give an penalty to someone who did combo continuously with SD ratio?
  5. Even i didn't make a combo and just press 3 skills on my keyboard. It's still show up #combodelay...penalty? Then i dont know what you are doing, but you are harming skilled players @BeL4eNaK
  6. They suggest a good thing, but they will keep talking about nonsense, not going to the heart of the matter. That's what they normally do
  7. This mob will appear random position on random map (Lorencia/Devias/Noria) every [odd hours:10] (1:10/ 3:10/ 5:10 ...) The notice of map will show up on below middle of screen.
  8. Я просто хочу сказать, что тонна PP была потрачена на честь
  9. oh u wanna start this okay, make sure u dont bug out anything in ba ?
  10. I think the numbers were a bit too big b4 the nerf, but right now with cut and top ee buff top dl i hit asteroth for 1249 someone should double check the numbers, if its supposed to be 50% of the buff it now seems even less then that. more like 25%? any info would be great ?
  11. Ok ffs can we talk in english coz even google translate cant deal with what ever u guys are typing, where is the evidence of him using something? Logs are clean? Give us the evidence and retype everything from the old topic in english ty. Hyper
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