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  1. WhyMango / Empire A1 - B1 - C1 - C2 - D2 - E2 - E3 - F3 - F4 - E4 - E5 - E6 - F6 Monsters - F5 and A6
  2. Ne4evo, esli nepolu4ilos snatj normalno, 4itaki budut 4itaki i mi ih vseravno poimaem drugoi moment
  3. whymango


    And in video it seems VetalPK did ALT+F4 too?
  4. whymango

    Quest 211

    You need to make tributes here Won't get anywhere without them.
  5. Privet vsem, Posledni den naw x500 Empire server stal uzhe po ludwe. Bolwe nevizhu 100 elfov BA Spasibo za vawu robotu komanda Bless MU
  6. The hate, the grudge. Uhh dude Play your own character and don't judge others
  7. whymango

    Quest 211

    Devil Square 4-5 I think.
  8. Hello guys! Server Empire x500 It is Mango again (IGN: WhyMango) Before we start todays Prison topic Id like you to check some suspected culprits - B0SS guild, IECS guild, FLAME guild. <<<< This should be banned (first 2 guild for sure, third is on ?) So I guess almost everyone in our server have seen this unique golden party in BA spots, in BC, maybe even in DS, so 1 guy uses 5 accounts to farm tributes, each week he makes 15 tributes. . . I think everyone will agree we should limit 3 accounts per user max. Why I am mad about this? Because recently I had goldsmith quest, I needed 2 days to get 3 goldsmith - sounds funny ha? But the reason is goldsmith farmers and there is a lot of these multi acc guys, they use their accounts to place character in different dungeon locations to faster found unique monsters. It is understandable everyone wants to be at top, but come on, there is others ways and fair play. Is it possible to limit daily armored goldsmith killing to 2 per day? (because this quest reward was pathetic and I needed 2 days, because of farmers) I suggest now everyone on main server or sub server who can just start filming mu while you are in Dungeon.
  9. Ili prosta vibiraite opciju zbrosov statov Owibsja sam vinovatj
  10. whymango

    can't vote

    Hello Z-L-O, as you know everyone have this problem and thats why you lose votes on this site. There is only 1 way which works and let's you in for voting. You need to register there directly with your own e-mail. Post this in your website, but let others know the right option which works, so people could get atleast 3bon and daily votes for server.
  11. Don't you dare to take off Angelus hobby PK clear should cost zen I think and I agree with command /pkclear I understand if you take spot for hours to complete quest okey (therefore in BA they should enable option to put Store, so you could inform others in case of quest) But if someone is using their multi acc (like silver pt or gold pt, cmon you let them just farm unfairly acc bonuses?) And some people just stay for night or 24h on 1 spot, cmon there is a lot of players and small amount of spots even Vip arena isn't enough. Thats why killing on spots is legit reason, if I need spot for quest I kill all people there until they disappear from BA. More annoying was Kalima case, where K7 is kinda expensive place and still there some ONE guild guys kill you (and then they cry why everyone abuse them).
  12. Please check this post, not only Prison posts to ban people
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