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  1. B> Exc Phantom Parts+0+any opt+(Luck or No Luck)
  2. B>Bone Blade+13/15+PVP+S+L+All Opts
  3. B> Violet Fenrir - PM me
  4. B>Exc Scale Parts+X+[All 5 or 6 Opts]+L
  5. For Level 5 Wings Creation in Extreme server, May I check if the shop's Level 3 PvP Wings can be used? If yes, check if the 4 opts on Level 3 PvP Wings will become a full opt 5th wings after the combination?
  6. Hi all, I do not want to waste your time and my time to negotiate bid price or whatever. Anyone who wished to sell your Exc Heaven's Divider+X+FO+S+L, please PM me and let me know the number of bons, be it Bon. Web and/or Bon. Server.
  7. BUMP! Any sellers? Okay to buy Exc Lightbringer+15+full opts+S+L. Just PM me, or reply here. Thanks!
  8. B> Exc Heaven's Divider+15+pvp/non-pvp+all options+S+L Comfortable to buy with Bon. Web and/or Bon. Server. PM me. Thanks.
  9. Buying List as Below B> Excellent Azure Dragon Blade+S+Any Options+L B> Excellent Saber of Atlantis+S+Any Options+L B> Excellent Duranium Sword+S+Any Options+L B> Demon+S+Any Options+L B> Excellent Phantom Set+13+DD+REF+HP+DR+L
  10. Not sure if this song was top, but it seems like quite hot and popular recently. I personally liked this song. Not sure if you will like this song, nonetheless, for info You can search using the following keyword, " Anh Yêu Vội Thế ".
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