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  1. jayb

    Spam + Insulting others

    Hey beasty, Gia Bao was banded and charged. Why do you insist he is a family heir? Say it right and keep your mouth shut. You guys are taking our community out of the game. You are so selfish.
  2. jayb

    Spam + Insulting others

    He uses secondary to Spam + Insult others. When he gets banded he will continue to create subs to do so.
  3. Kill them and curse them first, then get yelled at, then band them. Reload number 1 Who is the abuser?
  4. jayb

    Gửi Reload

    while I admitted my mistake and apologized, BanDuT and all of you tried to make excuses and decided not to return it, from now on you are the one who is wrong, society or Online games cannot work. move according to your will. Reload you become more and more a bad guy. I will never mention you again, and you will never mention my name. bye
  5. jayb

    Gửi Reload

    I told you guys, you should be an adult, give full information before accusing someone
  6. send reload: 1: I don't know what position you hold in mu.bless.gs . system 2: you don't work with me, i don't work for you. you shouldn't threaten me. 3: everything is right or wrong you should tell the truth don't make up. 4: My case vs BanDuT you guys don't understand the story that dragged the whole Zukas Guild to attack me saying that I was wrong. - I admitted that it was my fault, when I couldn't contact him, I texted Koostiso to ask for his help, but he said he used them for lottery, I have pictures image. and you say it's my fault and you don't have to return it. I begged you guys that I would take the TAX and please help me because it was me transferring by mistake. but you still disagree. until I reported the matter to boss Ivan and boss Ivan banded him, the whole guild attacked me with words. I don't need you to respect me, but I begged in a very gentle voice, You can curse me - But please respect our member VietNam and our Country. thank you for beasty messaged me , he is very polite , unlike you Reload . Bye thank you admin
  7. I just need to know that you guys are making excuses for a no-brainer, all of you. I really respect you. But after so much, you don't deserve respect.
  8. Hey guys, you are also false accusers against many of our members. See if you're good enough.
  9. Since when are things like this justified? Guild: ZurkaS
  10. You are making excuses for someone who is worthless. no more excuses. i got it was my fault. i asked him to return it and i will accept TAX. But he was disrespectful, used it. and he said he wouldn't return it.
  11. id: jayb , Char: JayB id receive: mawina char: MTP1 asked me to transfer 1k bon web to him to buy Sword. my mistake sent him 1 time in a row 1k = 2k He returned the sword but he decided not to give me back the 1k bon web I transferred by mistake. he used it right after in the lottery. I said it was my fault and I accept the TAX and hope he will return it. But he said he didn't return it and would use it. he even confidently said that he would not have to pay it back. That's my fault. but he should return 1k. We're playing your country's game. If you do that, you don't respect us. Hope the admins will support this issue. Thanks you
  12. jayb

    Mega/Spell/rule 8

    What is the edited file here. why band and is it a hack? 00h00 Vietnam time - 21h:00 ingame time. I am a char Rich user and joined CS on 19/03 Sir please check the video information. https://www.facebook.com/ThiHimGaming/videos/1294524684606849
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