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  1. I didn't get the Shard of Condor in last week's Guid quest Pless Please check for me: - MSLucifer - SV: x100 - Master guide: MSCorp
  2. The entrance to Elbeland can be found in Snowstorm Devias. cord??
  3. date: 18/03/2023 time: 6h00 at 6:00, doping was hacked and shut down as soon as it was detected
  4. 1. My nickname: MSLucifer2. Game server: MEGA x100, date: 18/03/2023, Time Viet Nam 11h40' , time Sever in videos3. Which rule clause was violated: Rule 8 (speedhack) + Tele, macro..4. Nickname of the offender: ACHI004, Mihasik, Doping 5. Proof:
  5. Onl đêm cùng ly cà phê chém gió cùng anh em trên MU Bless thật tuyệt vời. Chúc ae sức khoẻ gắn bó cùng sever - MSLucifer sv x100
  6. Hello everyone, I'm MSLucifer X100, and I want to tell you, I love MUBless.GS. Merry Christmas to you all.
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