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  1. well I agree with the author of the article. I'm extremely stressed because I don't know where I will find about 13kkk zen for the next 30 resets.
  2. I didn't expect Cosco to have done so. It would be sad if there was such strong discrimination coming from the board
  3. My name: Athur Sever: Jade player making the exchange: gkazinass ingame name: Twisted Twisted | Thông tin | Bless Universe I made this topic to exchange my 1400 bon server for 1000PP Twisted. Thank you for the witness of the game administration
  4. My name: AthurSever: JadeRule 8Nickname of the offender: Summo Summo | Information | Bless Universefrom 22nd to 24th second, he moves and performs DMG at superhuman speed. at 29 to 32 seconds he is frozen but can still continue to deal DMG with Evil Spirit. Profile of the offender
  5. demaci

    Event Schedule

    will so good if we can fix the time go old time or soon a bit.
  6. My name is: Athur Game Sever: Jade tranfer with player: Deimos Deimos | Thông tin | Bless Universe I will trade my 5150 sever bon = Deimos of 4k PP. I hope the board endorses the transaction between Deimos and me. thank you!
  7. My name Athur Game Sever: Jade Rule 4.3 Nick Name of the Offender: Prefire Prefire | Thông tin | Bless Universe This guy used threatening and insulting language against Vietnamese players. remedial measures need to be taken.
  8. Okami bro, I think you understand how I play and how I treat people when I'm online on the Avalon server. What are you thinking when you ask me where I stand in the quarrel between you and others. I differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, and I don't participate in it all when I don't know what's going on.
  9. My Name is: Athur Game sever: jade x10 Violation: Rule 4.3 Nick name of the ofender: TheoGaiVnn TheoGaiVnn | Thông tin | Bless Universe Profile of the Violation: This person used discriminatory language towards Vietnamese players while I was having a conversation with another player, Envvy.
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