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[28.03.2024] - Devias Fortress, HP clicker and EMG

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In our winter city, a new stronghold has been built - Devias Fortress. As requested, the new fortress is several times larger than the one located in Lorencia, occupying a significant portion of the entire Devias location. Soon, guilds will be able to capture this fortress to claim it as their own territory. Owning the fortress will grant access to spots and bosses located there. Additionally, inside the fortress, golden monsters, Red Dragons, Fortune Pouches, White Wizard, and even Great Dragon may appear. Currently, access to the fortress is open to all interested parties. When players of the Vegas server will be able to fully defend the fortress from wandering monsters, a new event, Devias Fortress, will be activated. The event will be slightly different from the familiar Lorencia Fortress and Kanturu Domination; more detailed information about this will be available later.

In addition to the fortress itself, we have also upgraded all textures in Devias to a higher resolution, making the location look more presentable.

The Auto-Heal system with F10 has been completely reworked. Now, potions are consumed more evenly and without lag spikes. All players consume potions at the same rate because the server is responsible for potion consumption. It is no longer possible to speed up healing with additional presses of QWER or through macros. Manually using potions on QWER without F10 is now significantly slower than using Auto-Heal. In other words, F10 is now the only and most effective way to heal in PvP.

Together with the improvement of Ancient items, Magic Gladiators specializing in Energy have received additional formulas for increasing magical damage from Strength, Vitality, and free points with full stats. More details with all the formulas for characters can be found here.

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