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  1. Guild debuff is already at 80%, last CS only Mayhem came to CS. Due to lack of brain of 2 GM's of other guilds they didn't show up on any CS events, result of that is - bunch of noobs not understanding even basic mechanics of CS. Regarding other events, 3 guilds are participating in them. BA can be farmed by any player, mostly it's farmed by TROY with 1--3 people in party, you can easely kill them and kill boss, yet drop is bad and BA is farmed for completely other reasons. If you are talking about LOT - sets up to B tier are being sold by guild. And you can farm those items as well on different bosses. I'm fascinated how players that are AFK 90% of the time, have next to none knoweladge of the game are complaining about other players/guilds where people are playing up 16hr a day. Most of bosses have announcment in post - write down timings or create a bot who will do that for you. Do something else besides pressing F6 and F8 on different spots: This might you get somewhere.
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