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  1. Range = 6 - pretty distant to me tbh. Uhm... Anyone who thinks? For the lazy kind people. Yes, sorry, my bad, miscalculated with max Agi and Vit it's roughly 7660 vs 6553 + >>> 40% <<< ABSORB. You must be kinda retarted to not count this shit in defense. And if you tell me DL is ez to die, you must go study and learn to play. Really. This is just hilarious. Random number he says... Test it before you come up with some random bullshite. Castle Siege = PVP, right? or I'm missing something... Hmmm... I believe it's your Ice Arrow skill you were crying about, besides if you'd be skilled enough, you'd blow the combos fast as well, am I wrong? Per say, SM's combo is pretty shit tbh so they don't mostly do it, what's stopping? Inexperience? Jealousy? Lack of Skill? Mate, this is a big cry out loud and this shit is too funny to read and respond, while enjoying my popcorn and beer.
  2. First, I think your math is wrong about defences, because, as far as I know, elfs have the lowest defence in general and defence only counts for Agility / 10 if I remember correctly, the other classes have the /X a lot lower. Vitality is for health only on elfs Second, DL's Dark Horse has +40% Absorb - that's way too much to handle. Third, as Admin said, they're really op in Castle Sieges even in a decent guild, with average gear. Forth - Freeze skill - wear Ring of Ice / Pendant of Ice Fifth - He has Distance skills as well, per say, Fire Scream, Fire Burst. both of them do tons of dmg. In overall I think you're just crying out loud as you haven't mastered it's gameplay. Sorry, not sorry.
  3. At the very end of Kanturu Core - there is a gate for the Kanturu Nightmare event, it's inside ( Moonstone Pendant required ). First you have to kill Left Hand, then Right hand or vice versa, then Both hands and then it drops you down for the Nightmare itself. Hope this helps.
  4. Probably the smarter idea would be merge x5k with x5k not x1k Just sayin`...
  5. 1. My nickname: Banshee 2. Game server: Extreme 3. Which rule clause was violated: 4.24. Nickname of offender: (making a link on the character, as it is shown in the example) for example: -PsixGM-5. Proof:
  6. Banshee / Extreme 1st Round: 0 2 4 6 8 2nd Round: 1 5 3rd Round: 3
  7. Banshee / Extreme A1 - B2 B2 - C3
  8. Banshee / Extreme a1 - a2 - b2 - c2 - c3 - c4 - d4 - d5 - e5 - f5 - f6
  9. Начнем с того, что некоторые из них - старые экраны. Перейдем к тому, что именно вы своим эгоизмом провоцируете все эти кошмары. На форуме можно говорить очень спокойно и цивилизованно, но внутри игры - совсем другое дело. С форума вашей гильдии, a просто где Честь & Доброта в игре Я не знаю. Вы должны взглянуть на себя, прежде чем обвинять кого-то другого, ведь именно вы ищете ненависти и войны
  10. Cпасибо Kапитан Oчевидно.
  11. ya vizhu sebya paru raz, no skrinshoty staryye
  12. 1. My nickname: Brunette 2. Game server: Extreme 3. Which point of the rules is violated: 4.2 4. Intruder nickname: (we make a link to the character, as shown in the example ) for example: 69nine 5. Proof: Pokhozhe, kto-to boitsya vykhodit' iz shkafa, poetomu igrayet s referalom, chtoby ispol'zovat' netsenzurnuyu leksiku
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