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    Xtreme shop

    S>>> 38000 bons (1:4)=PP S>>>sm grp 2900 S<>> bk grp 1700 S>>> dl grp 1700 S>> elf grp 1400 S>>>acc achievs 198 and 188 email included S>>>Demon , Shadowmere (500 pp each) S>>Royal scepter , shield +PVP 13 fo S>>anc dark master set 12 l also ichor set 12 luck (each set 500pp) S>>>wing of conqueror 15 full option (2kpp)
  2. Nothing special , some players get ban some buy unban some players just copy items sold for real money everyone happy
  3. B>>Mg anc set at x500 server and mg sword good
  4. hello , i wanna suggest idea for merge between 2 projects to bless mu project . We see everyday online is drastic low on muxglobal . Player who played in mux spent many time and money and etc for gameplay so thats why i added this post here . Do agree players from x1000 server for merge ? leave on comments agree or disagree . And we need to think about items bons and etc how we can balanced . I hope adminstration read this and give some replay . Thanks.
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