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  1. Those some player group ruins the gameplay , not the first time they use this hack or bug , you need to check ips , on acc wich connect and make group ban . because many of players doesnt want , continue play if ''Dominate guild'' use those bugs . without bugs ant all shit they cant play .
  2. So after this latest updates i cant put my char Afk , After i leave afk character approx 10-15 min just game closes . Whats the priblem ? Reinstalled mu client 20x times updated with latest updates but nothing change , maked for pc updates . nothing changes Ps i use win 11 .
  3. every 10 - 15 min disconnect client cant put afk .
  4. 1. Server Mega x100 2.Nick name Wizzy 3.Changing Characters Wizzy Sm 53 resets +items to Mg 50 resets +items (https://mu.bless.gs/lv/index.php?page=marketchars&id=159744&serv=server6) (https://mu.bless.gs/lv/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=zMagicalz&serv=server6) 4.Changing Characters 5.zMagicalz 6.Deal will be done by Via website Character market we put chars with password and via discord change password to obtain chars 7. Agree
  5. this servers doesnt live that long to dont use vault or trades ?
  6. with this speed , you maybe craft w3 after 2 years
  7. velns1

    Xtreme shop

    S>>> 38000 bons (1:4)=PP S>>>sm grp 2900 S<>> bk grp 1700 S>>> dl grp 1700 S>> elf grp 1400 S>>>acc achievs 198 and 188 email included S>>>Demon , Shadowmere (500 pp each) S>>Royal scepter , shield +PVP 13 fo S>>anc dark master set 12 l also ichor set 12 luck (each set 500pp) S>>>wing of conqueror 15 full option (2kpp)
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