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  1. Nu sunduk, 2/3 secundi eto ne odna minuta, eto 4to bug ?, prosto zaderjka pri rendering 10 slatov.
  2. tak eto ne bag), eto tak zdelali 4tob bilo vizde adinakova.. bez macro na hp itd.. bez QWE na HP
  3. Vopros: po4emu posle reconnect sletajet skill ? tupo esli afk gdeto to on menjaet skill zacem? i tupo pers stojt afk
  4. z0lik


    There's not even an excuse. There's no point in talking to you. I specified in the previous message that the character isn't mine, and I would never risk using cheats for something stupid. So, what's the point? To win against you? It's not necessary for that... (only shitty people use cheats)... As I told you before if you have proof that it was some cheat, show it. Best Regards.
  5. z0lik


    spolilsjea na 4em ? na slovo "reverse engineering" ?? ili kak rabotaet cheat? ili kak raboaet anticheat?
  6. z0lik


    Stop writing bullshit. I often played the player "ava7anche" from the workplace, stop crying. From the game, you saw that "-Cerberus-" used the cheat, it's not a bug. In the case of "ava7anche", I am a computer engineer programmer (Not the owner of the character) and on my work computer, I have software of all levels... surely, Liveguard has detected some software and seen it as a cheat (but is not.) Shame on you... they caught you with an HP clicker and macros... If you have proof that "ava7anche" used the cheat, please show it. Stop accusing "ava7anche" which has nothing to do with your case. @Ivan Nebraska, @BeL4eNaK, please change the wording to "added" or something similar... since there is no cheat, to avoid discussions like this, thanks. Cordiali Saluti - Best Regards, Vlad.
  7. do you think, does hiding the writing make any difference? I do not think.
  8. dlea "Eurale " horowo opovewjaniee.., no na x1, bossa slili bistreniko nekakoj pvp ...
  9. "будет оповещение на весь сервер, а том, что какой то из монстров скоро появится, также без указания какой именно. " takoe sebe prikol...
  10. Долгоиграющий: 2500 Web Bonuses "Стандартная полная цена: 3000 Bonuses"... esli ranwe 90 dnej vipa bilo 1200 web bon i 1800 bon 100 lottereek, 4to za grjaznii biznes? tembolee etot starter pack mojno kupity 1 raz ?
  11. z0lik

    Jade / Retch / 2. / 8.

    this is a bug of mu bless clicker, not a hack.
  12. Etu temu uje proxodili, eto ot Klikera
  13. z0lik


    combo ee 🙂
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