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  1. ducruby


  2. ducruby

    K9Dragon 2.1

    You should remember we played after you two months, currently I'm talking about your individual skills are very chicken. You lose to them a lot and you accuse them, that's a bad deed.
  3. ducruby

    K9Dragon 2.1

    I am the top player in Vietnam and you said I do not know how to play games? Hahaha
  4. ducruby

    K9Dragon 2.1

    Comments like this should be punished
  5. ducruby

    CC Box

    I have encountered this case many times before ^^!
  6. ducruby

    K9Dragon 2.1

    I know many people who can play SM better than this kdragon guy. Because of your limited ability, you cannot say that he cheated because he won against you.
  7. Если вы хотите, чтобы мы бросили вызов, я сниму видео, чтобы показать вам, как я быстро побил вас со счетом 10: 0. Пожалуйста, держите тот же костюм и такое же количество крови, в котором вы меня обвиняли. Я также храню все, чтобы сражаться с вами, вы также должны записывать видео, чтобы показать людям, что у вас есть.
  8. Vừa xấu tính còn hèn hạ, thua thật.
  9. You said I tried to stir up ethnic conflict while I didn't know which ethnic group you were? Do you have problems with your thoughts? The picture was taken over a month ago and I'm not the one who wrote it. I'm the one who hates deception and hates cunning people, which means people like you. I don't understand what happened when I lost 30k PP to change my account just because Sonate and you, now you bring bullshit reasons to denounce me while you know I'm not cheating. The admin didn't see me cheating but you kept trying to change the truth, what do you want?
  10. You dare to bet me, if the administrator found out I cheated any day, I will give you 50k PP. If the administrator cannot find evidence of fraud, I will only receive 10 thousand PP from you. You agree, I play with you. If you don't dare, you're the one who cheat and trash.
  11. Он слабее меня, у него плохие намерения и осуждают меня. Администратор не нашел никаких доказательств мошенничества, но они проголосовали за закрытие моего аккаунта. Как вы думаете, это справедливо? Если вы дискриминируете вьетнамцев, вы должны заблокировать все IP из Вьетнама. Если администратор не любит нас, скажите мне напрямую. Мы с друзьями удалим все наши учетные записи. Как вы думаете, мы должны быть унижены, чтобы играть в ваши игры?
  12. 1. Мой ник: ducruby2. Игровой сервер: king x1003. Какой пункт правил нарушен: 4.184. Ник нарушителя: -MooN-5. Доказательство: He is BK-MooN- but thought he was BK MON5TER. For the things he has he can't beat me and turn out false accusations. The admin could not check what I cheated and asked people to vote to lock me up, which affected a lot of players in Vietnam after I posted it on the Vietnamese group.
  13. In a video of accusation not enough evidence to accuse, and the admin did not find me cheating on any point. Why can you ask people to vote to lock my account, so is the game fair?
  14. Tao nói thằng Moon nó thua tao mọi mặt, đồ nó thua kém tao, Achi nó thua kém tao, nó không có Demon, không có Wing 4+15m không có full Set+ 15, ring pen +15 mày hiểu chứ? Nó cay cú khi đánh thua tao, nó quay lại video để tố cáo tao trong khi tao không gian lận. ADM cũng không phát hiện ra điều gì bất thường thì chúng mày dùng lý do gì để REC khóa acc tao? Chúng mày có bị điên không, nếu acc tao mà bị khóa vô lý như vậy thì chúng mày nên chơi game một mình đi, tao thấy chúng mày trẻ con và hèn hạ.
  15. Если бы GM запретил мне такую нелепость, как вы ожидаете, хотя я не нарушал принцип, вы были бы счастливы, верно?
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