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  1. @Beasty ты портишь имидж своему админу
  2. After 3mins he cant kill sm. He turned hack program on and then he know where sm will teleport in . Let’s see the way he moves. Evil eyes is real.
  3. Upppp Where is the fairness?
  4. Save GiaBao From MrTomm with love.
  5. Maybe you are professional cheater and you know that trick. Normal players who play for fun dont need to use a fake ip to play game.
  6. This kid go everywhere and talk trash with anyone he doesnt like to trap them to ban. Wondering why he always report others for same thing.
  7. Do you know the meaning of “altercations” and “humiliate” ? This report is for “personal hatred”.
  8. Ban all vietnam cheaters and russian cheaters please
  9. Im pretty sure with you that I dont know.
  10. I have got enough funny thing for today with this post 😂😂 thanks a lot
  11. Admin will know who when they check ip. You dont know and dont comment like you know everything dude. Your comment affect to the ownerof the account. Peace.
  12. Whoever does it is responsible for it, why make someone who doesn't do it responsible? The problem is Guest Access. Protect your player please!
  13. Srt8 -OG- ava7anche use program to hack to take bosses in Bless Arena and to win Chaos Castle all the time but still no ban no check. Why admin always ignore the post which report them???
  14. when we have new quest next???
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