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  1. now, beasty is a stranger used to love of Reload :(((
  2. I beg you. Don't be funny anymore. This post is enough to know how stupid you are
  3. No doubt. This topic proves that reload doesn't know a damn thing about games (
  4. Dear Reloadngu, It's better not to say something so that people will only suspect that you're stupid than to say something so that people won't suspect that you're stupid.
  5. little baby trying to do something to help his guildmate. good job
  6. Bk can one hit sm 200k hp ? are you stupid?
  7. Thế từ “cái lồn” là có văn hoá à?
  8. i didnt say anything about it is marco or not but admin say no because he was in Zurkas ?
  9. and 1 more for you noob reload
  10. if you think it is macro so :
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