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  1. Предлагаю убрать ограничения по создают мг и дл на сервере х100. на х1 вы так делали, уже на всех серверах есть такая практика, может и блесс дорос до этого ?
  2. и что?тем не менее,бонусы всега были выплачены,небыло ни одного не довольного реферала!
  3. Hello everyone, I open a set of referrals on the server: Mega x100 Here is the referral link: https://mu.bless.gs/?page=start&referral=448804 If you register on it, then you agree to all the following conditions: After registering via the link, you must unsubscribe your login in this topic and, upon taking a certain resat (to be indicated below), you must unsubscribe in the topic, they say, I took 9 res, acc "VALERA WANTS BONE", after receiving the coupon, please unsubscribe again in this topic (who does not write off, from that forfeit) Also, please do not register using the link of those who are going to swing up to 1 star for half a year! What do I offer you for registering using my link: https://mu.bless.gs/?page=start&referral=448804 In total, after completing three levels, you get 600 net bonuses!!! All bonuses that I will receive and personally from me that will be, I pay in their pure form by transfer or through the market. The referral offer will be valid until I close the achievement, upon completion, the bonuses will be paid in their pure form, but without additional bonuses from me, only what comes from the server. I answer in advance that the acc is new, why should we believe you: NOBODY CANCELED AGREEMENT TRANSACTIONS !!!
  4. А с каких пор он делается на 1 сервере?)и рес там если не изменяет память 2:30 минуты на квест 15 минут от силы,не?)
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