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  1. 😆😆😆 Behind the self-proclaimed glory is a person like this, top DL :)) muzzle is good , send from -BOSS-
  2. thằng -Reload- nó ngu lắm , nó không biết gì ngoài sủa đâu ))
  3. Why do you keep saying he's a cheater when there's no proof? ADM checks and asks to turn on anticheat. You even forced ADM to ban him for 1 month for not turning it on. , now he's always on and you say the anti-cheat system isn't effective, are you going to make ADM your joke?
  4. you dont have to talk with him xD this guy so strange ))
  5. You're a viewer, do you think you can see other people's stuttering? ))
  6. What are you trying to prove here? When you see IGWT deal 7 attacks in 0.765 sec while he still changes skills and doesn't stutter? IGWT deal 9 attacks in 0.781 sec while he still changes skills and doesn't stutter? Let's test against each other, not 1 person standing, 1 person fighting . At least the most important , how is possible BK full items with demon then he was killed with basic skill ( no combo ) in under last 2 sec xD .
  7. Idiot 74/105 time played with anticheat on . 31/105 was not beacause his friends helped him training . That mean he was played with anticheat on alots time. 2/3 mean almost stupid
  8. You are two-faced guy , liar. maybe you should replace belnak to do his job .
  9. nói được tiếng anh thì rep , không thì cút , có mỗi cái bài văn nói hoài .
  10. he won't answer, even if we do, we'll definitely have an answer. If NoobDW had played on the same side as Zukars from the beginning of the game, he would have been a legend, the 2nd best player in BLESS project after hundreds of hours of practice. He will be the hero, not the villain or cheater .
  11. Adm was psychologically manipulated by them by creating collective pressure by . They seek to destroy those who can destroy their domination by all means. The way NoobDW played was not even half the way Beasty had done since the server started. So why doesn't anyone accuse him ? Because they are afraid to face zukars. 1 team is supported by adm, they cannot be denounced, they always have advantages that normal players never have. When they win they will curse others stupid, they have the best player in the project with thousands of hours of practice, when they lose they will tell others to cheat. Try to take our side against Beasty, it's no different.
  12. Here is a topic explaining why he doesn't turn on protected mode. As for the question of whether he used cheats and got penalized 2.2 or not, ADM answered. If you can't speak English in our topic, don't comment TRASH .
  13. This is a serious matter and I'm not kidding. It's true, I guarantee it.
  14. this is an objective error, his computer can't log into the game when the feature is turned on. and he played for a short time then he went offline for 2 days to fix the computer, for 2 days the day his friend logged in to help him. we make sure the person has that feature turned on . can now punish him with a final warning. if he continues to fail , punish him forever.
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