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[19.03.2024] - New armor sets of the highest grade

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For the first time in 10 years, new sets of armor of the highest grade have been added to the game: Stormwing for knights, Dark Devil for wizards, Rune Light for elves, Magic Knight for gladiators and Ambition for lords. The sets require a third profession and have very high stat requirements. Items are already available in the craft system on the website and soon a new boss will be added to Swamp of Peace, which will become the main source of new items. None of the new armors will be added to the drop from the Green Mistery Box and, in general, collecting these sets will be much more difficult than the current Brave or Hades.

Guild rewards have been updated, now at quest level 7 you will receive parts of the Dark Soul, Dark Phoenix, Red Spirit, Hurricane and Dark Master sets. At levels 6-7, the total number of items received was increased, including Shards of Condor. More information about guild quests is available here.

All grade-dependent prices in the craft system have been slightly reduced. We have also updated all pictures of items on the website, now they have a larger size, resolution and correct proportions.

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3 hours ago, gohann said:

Will that new boss drop exc. Items or just non exc ?


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23 minutes ago, BladOzito said:

Swamp of Calmness = Swamp of Peace  or new map?


Yeap, that's the same

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