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  1. Well VIP could remove extra dmg/def and give other bonuses like people request
  2. Pandakaru / Extreme a1, b1, b2, b3, c3, c4, d4, e4, e5, e6, f6 monsters : f2, b5
  3. transfer 2500+tax web bon to account: icarus77
  4. https://mu.bless.gs/index.php?page=market&id=1909255 - item on market
  5. 1) Server - x5000 Extreme2) Your nickname - Elevant / BossHunter3) What exactly are you buying/selling : Excellent Paewang Armor +13+6 Options+ Luck4) What exactly are you getting from the other party (if you're the second party, then what you get from the first party) : Clean 2500 Web Bon (+10% transfer tax)5) Nick of the second party (if you're the second party - your nick). -KOMATOZ- / -Gibon-6) How the deal will be done (the second party should agree to this point and just write - agree): -KOMATOZ- transfer me 2500 Web Bon clean, after that i give him password for Paewang Armor +13+6opt+L for webmarket (price will be set 25 000 000zen +tax)7) Confirmation, that you fully read the rules of contractual deals and are aware of the risks. The second person might not fulfill his part of a deal and you will lose everything.
  6. If character was inactive state, he was not transfered? I wasnt playing at that time and my character is missing
  7. same issue, havent got it working either
  8. On my oppinion this will work only when you make castle lord guild locked, meaning cant leave guild of castle lord. This will fix the issue of remaking a guild for other sieges. In any other way there will be always some people who try or make up excuses to make so (gm suddenly stop play after 5th siege win etc). And i dont think somebody got to cry loosing 5th or 6th CS so some other guild gets LOT for 1 week.
  9. Elevant - Extreme a1-b1-с1-c2-d2-d3-d4-d5-e5-e6-f6 Monsters on squares: c3 - f5
  10. Can make like : 1 achievement point unlocked : 1x box +5 10 achievement points unlocked : 1x box +5 + 1x pink chocolate box 30 achievement points unlocked : 1x box +5 + 1x pink chocolate box + 1 blue ribbon box 100 achievement points unlocked : 1x box +5 + 1x pink chocolate box + 1 blue ribbon box + 2 lottery tickets its an example, rewards could be different but by levels like this
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