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  1. That is truth, a lot of players could not participate in many events. Since the time zone differences. Also players still have work to take care of. Staying up late night and waking up early morning for work, causing stress to many players. Pls consider the fixing the timing, so global players can participate. We don’t want to missing out on big events, we don’t want to afk most of the time, but what can we do when time zones it the cap. Pls Pls consider changing ingame time.
  2. 1. My nickname: Babyshark 2. Server X50 Hello admin, may I ask why I was added to the liveguard list? While I don't see any accusations about me on the forum. When using liveguard, it is extremely laggy and constantly loses connection. I need explanations and supports regarding this issues Thanks
  3. 1) x50 Avalon 2) Ragnon 3) Obsidian Blade 4) 2000 PP 5) LOTO#8167 6) LOTO will transfer 2000 PP on ragnon zgames account after that i put odsidian on market under password 7) I Agree
  4. Red Pepper

    Cash Shop

    As you can see that buying items from cash shop, you can only buying one at a time. It takes so much time, can you you guy fix where players can buy many at one time.
  5. I have a staff +15 FO +PVP. inbox me in discord XJayX#6934
  6. got my items and tks for the help
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