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  1. Hi, first of all ty for amazing update and beautiful new things, but my problem is when more than 10-12 ppl aprox game is like low fps and goes bad, i dont know why, is there a way to make ir run better? i run this way and on options effect limitation on 5. I tryed antilag patch+wings and it works same way. Can someone help me? i have a good pc shouldnt be a problem. video is an example not a report, nothing bad with invoker or A-love-p i just record this to show how it works
  2. First of all, I do not have any problem with anyone or with his family, I accept the punishment since these people are looking for him often and who I have left my account to is a friend and I accept what he does with the account. The second thing, I proceed to record those strange movements and take screens of everything that is said since if we want to report what is said I report everything, I have no problem, I think you are losing, I do not know how you hit me while in teleportation or An MG appears out of nowhere to hit me because yes. Another thing, we have more SMs for the castle so don't try to take one off us.
  3. try this one, it work nice on CS, hope it works in Arkania update also
  4. final stats when all quest are same than last version? or we get more or less in total?
  5. ah ok, thanx and nice work and very nice client and game bro, greetings from spain hehe love new server update
  6. firx


    no more to say xD
  7. We can also move the server 2 or 3 hours forward so that Americans, Latinos and Canadians have a good schedule and do not need to get up early in the morning for events and the castle siege, many of them remember that they get up and play earlier to go to work when they can. or is it that those people don't matter? I know that people who live in Asia do not have good times but the people of America do not have them either and it would not be fair to change it so that they cannot play.
  8. I do not understand why the times have to be changed since they are the ones that are since I play on the X100 server. If you need other times for bosses or events, I do not know why it has to negatively affect me since one of the reasons why I have started playing this server is because it coincides well with my work schedule and all things that I have to do in my private life. I think the best thing to do is to leave it as it is and if someone needs other times simply to open a post in the forum and for the administrators to assess what can be done but without affecting those of us here, if they open a server and transfer them the chars or whatever.
  9. Did you change this? Is no longer working on me.
  10. oh, i was farming many hours hehehe, its OK, at least tons of cool custom ideas. When is the next server restart?
  11. when are gonna be added to the regular drop on monsters the new items non exc?
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