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  1. firx

    KD bug

    you mad again? mad also on error forum? XDD You are the chosen one, for this videogame right xD
  2. firx

    Origin / -ZiL- / 3.1

    Nevermain xD join a guild to be able to play chars xD
  3. firx


    hahaha there is only 1, noob xD you need to spy other discords xDDDDD all ppl will know 12zen pro players xD. By the way enjoy this Xmas this film recorded for you
  4. firx


    you just doscover SM have ice and decay skills xD
  5. firx


    Oh, ok sorry my apologize to all admins. I have been a bigmouth without thinking they have free weekends. Becembace you still there, i see 12zeni act like your brother also, xD the great luxor bros xD. you still playing 7 window? XD i have 2 old players who want to join again, everyday a lot of ppl asking, you will need to merge Tribe xD
  6. firx


    not same for all my bros, here is the proof, enjoy server
  7. firx


    we will see xD
  8. firx


    it is not my guild lol,,, My role on Chill guild. xDD Do you really think they will let me take decisions? XDDDDDDDDDDD
  9. firx


    yeah, we did also when u report and still going to report, so i record 20 min of i cant hit, Admin tolds me 3 min is enough to report, so there is a lot more every time. That is a ban not my problem is what you do. Like you say always, is not my problem, it is a ban and admin PM this to me ("Sorry, rules are the same for everyone(") And I respect that Admin a lot i will not say name but was on discord about 1000vnd report.
  10. firx


    On video i noticed i cant aqua beam "he/she" at min 5:13 of video but i missed a lot of before It is same as they do on Cerberus and 1000VND chars, but i dont cut video i show it all uncut. All KD bug i told a lot of times. If need to know times about ppl wrotte about it and i try to hit -Craft- i can search, but is full video there. Ready for 12zen posts?
  11. firx


    1. BladOzito 2. Origin, Main 3. 3.1 4. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-Craft-&serv=server4 5.
  12. firx

    4.19 & 4.18

    They will report this post. Wket tolds me once, "its my server, i wont stop until you leave," I can see future they will sell all and start on next server xD 12 bored guys wont make me leave the game. You can get castle can get bosses at BA, you guys are done, dirty game from now. Wait I am gonna record all, with system and all, hope you on cheats again and see Super DLs again at events
  13. You just discover what is a good SM, dont come here with stupid reports. 12Cry should eat a big 4.19 They are afraid they say X30 is their server and no guild from Mu bless can defeat, poor Chill is crying xD BTW nice to see you off cheats and we can kill you easy xD Where is inmortal EVRO... You knew about that, instead report to admin you try to take advantage trying to ban enemy chars you went to BA searching CHILL guys with that afk to report is dirty gameplay. Have no problem on give acces to @BeL4eNaK to PC but the day u are hard to beat and EVRO 1 shot ppl and stay inmortal also can do.
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