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  1. Did you change this? Is no longer working on me.
  2. oh, i was farming many hours hehehe, its OK, at least tons of cool custom ideas. When is the next server restart?
  3. when are gonna be added to the regular drop on monsters the new items non exc?
  4. I meant non exc items, like skills, non boss mob drop list, like, where to get that skill, or that non exc item.
  5. Where can i find the normal items drop? Does it exist at forum?
  6. all done, all ok, ty miguels06
  7. i receive the bons, i do the payment(sorry for the log out msg XD)
  8. I cancel the deal, I got a better offer, sorry for the inconvenience
  9. Edit:: VkHeo sell me via web market the seraph for zen with a password
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