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  1. What is the point of increase Ice effect of Strike of Destruction 😄
  2. For the real, when the attack speed falled down to <800, she need to have lowest staggering frequecy at no. 200 as on video. Or we could have adjustment on her defense/ damage formulas. I'd explain: for sure that with the defense of the Agility Elves for now, MG + DL will delete her in 2sec and meanwhile she can't even does any damage from combo as a damage dealer with that staggering and especially no damage with <799 speed.
  3. He pressed the boss time: 11 22 (Knight Commander), but forgot to Space before "@" . After pressing "bioss" (boss), he changes skills 4 - 5 (Fire scream + Crit buff), because many people playing like 1-2-3 is combo for DLs and 4 is Fire Scream/ 5 is Critical Buff. I think so.
  4. 1) Jade2) NhoXanh3) Selling 4000 server bonuses + tax4) Getting 2500 web bonuses + tax5) Server character: KOCMOH4FT // Discord: csmnvt / valek16bit6) He will sell the item with 4000 bonuses + tax in market, then I will buy it. After that, he will transfer 2500 web bonuses + tax to my account: bandana1147) Agree with the rules!
  5. Oh yes, it is just showing up how stupid the management system is
  6. A coward loser, why are you scared of merging so much?
  7. WTB> FO PVP MG/ BK with high achievement account on x5000 server
  8. Only losers in real life want to be troublemakers in game, dick-head 🤪 And there you are, I saw you everywhere in forum, trying to poke people angry and report them. Stay tuned, bitch
  9. Seem like we have pussy here live like pussy and play as a pussy
  10. See? Toxic and abusive Senate, you mentioned about Buzzz while I'm not talking about them. Because you hate those guys, they kicking your ass and made you spent time to protect your Cheating friends . Besides, I'm from x30 and good luck about showing your essence in public. Also don't forget about some specific friends under below topics which has somehow been overlooked or I must say vilely:
  11. Xaxaxa, give me back my Pigeon. Everything went to shit when Cerebrum took power and playing with his Cheating friends in x100
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