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  1. mux1502

    VIP Benefits

    Better make in vip like in website said 50% less reset cost of zen now i dont have that 50% price its same price like i play without vip
  2. B>>>pvp wing sm B>>>pvp pet fenrir or seraph B>>>pvp rings Discord - one0827
  3. mux1502

    T>>dl 19rr x10

    T>>dl 19 rr equiped = bk or sm same rr pm if u have something
  4. Axxa , kakoite nubiki bez , macros neznaet kak igrat eto igru , nado srazu ban dajut na mesec ili 2. Tam pol server begaet s etom xuinam macros.
  5. Visual bug just buy new pc craft 😂
  6. I have this eror reinstaled 10x times mu
  7. This morning i saw just mu window is black and via web insee acc is offline already updated mu.
  8. And i guessed my pc is fucked up or inet.
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