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    Where is the proof that Cerberus using speed hack? but still ban... @Ivan Nebraska, @BeL4eNaK please provide the logs to prove Cerberus cheating or using any hacks. If you can not provide solid prove that means you taking side of other players and as far as you told me you are in partial.
  2. Problem with holding off Avalon merge is that when the time come for next merge, Jade server will say the same that Avalon players a lot stronger and they had more time to equipped them self with better items. Once new server will be open Avalon will die completely. You have CS in Origin and Avalon because people are going to other servers to help friends in CS. Make Avalon and Origin CS at the same time and you will se how fast it will become empty.
  3. I'm not talking about red fenrirs, but the gap in items grade between 2 servers was huge. Don't forget merge happens because new server will be opening shortly after merge and many people will leave and sell items. It happens in origin when Avalon opened, it happened in avalon when jade open, it will happen again. It's good opportunity for people who will remain in old servers to equipt them self with better items.
  4. Do you think think x30 had good items when last merge happened?? We were riding fenrirs, while people from other server were all with 5th wings. There will be opportunities for you to buy better sets, weapons when merged with older servers.
  5. I think is a great idea to merge 3 older servers. Some changes would be needed to game play and PVP events would be a mess and and too lagging if 5-6 guild with 2-3 parties comes to LF. Also would bring new opportunities for the players from newer servers to gather better items and for older to make some bon. However as @Aliencer said is not profitable for the Bless MU to merge old servers. I believe they only merge servers to make room for new ones. Players in new servers spend the most on VIP, lottery and donations. Is not what we want it is what best and most profitable for business of Bless MU.
  6. First you need to learn English, read the post few time if you don't understand. No one is crying, OG broke the rules of chat. calling other "dikheads" and "ngu" = stupid. Every time we break chat rules you go and cry here. I don't care we win or loose, we play for fun.
  7. 1. -HEXE-2. Origin3. 4.1, 4.24. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=-OG-&serv=server45.
  8. Hello, I really appreciate your work effort to bring equal playing field for more players on this project. I think neutral castle and CS buff for attacking guild are amazing, however these is few major issues regarding rest of the new rules for Origin x30 server. 1. The alliances created against other guilds will would never work. You can not make players go to CS if they don't want to. 2. NO alliances can be created now if 2 guilds want to join and play together during the week. 3. NO hostility can be made again twin guild to help stun during CS, while other guild has it before new rules came in to place. Now the guilds who had hostility with twin guild has advantage against the guild who is not allowed by new rules to create one. If you have right to created alliances with other guild, why you don't starts from disbanded all alliances and hostilities in first place? Easy solution for all: Just make CS buff double every week vs the owner of the castle after first successful defence. 10% buff for 2nd week, 20% for third week and so on. Dominant guilds won't be able to defend for long time. Open all alliances and hostilities for all, let the people decide with who they want to defend/attack. Defending guild will need help to defend the castle after few weeks or lose it. I am only speak about my own experience.
  9. @BeL4eNaK this is 3rd or 4th report regarding same issue this month. Why don't you fix server bug instead of banning people?? The player pays for his VIP to you and I believe this is your duty to make sure the games runs smoothly for him.
  10. The video from Craft does not show any interference going near crown, or blocking 12zen getting close to the crown from that side, nor it shows from the angles like your video is. I saw people just walked right through it from CHILL and from 12zen. Please provide a video where 12zen couldn't get to the crown because of the kalima gates. Don't forget get 1 min video not 19 seconds
  11. How the gate can block your entrance? please explain... do you bounce of them? you can walk through them?? how please tell everyone.
  12. accidently dropped kalima tiket, how this is bug?? one of our team actually went through it and end up in kalima 😄 I think it was beneficial for opponent!
  13. Dear @Ivan Nebraska, please check my logs, Bladozito was afk in VIP9 since around 9am this morning. I got nothing to hide, but I believe the accuser should be punish for faults allegations. I would strongly suggest to check his own logs.
  14. 1. SudjDreD2. Origin. Main3. 4.2 4. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=EVRO&serv=server4 5.
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