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  1. @BeL4eNaK this is 3rd or 4th report regarding same issue this month. Why don't you fix server bug instead of banning people?? The player pays for his VIP to you and I believe this is your duty to make sure the games runs smoothly for him.
  2. The video from Craft does not show any interference going near crown, or blocking 12zen getting close to the crown from that side, nor it shows from the angles like your video is. I saw people just walked right through it from CHILL and from 12zen. Please provide a video where 12zen couldn't get to the crown because of the kalima gates. Don't forget get 1 min video not 19 seconds
  3. How the gate can block your entrance? please explain... do you bounce of them? you can walk through them?? how please tell everyone.
  4. accidently dropped kalima tiket, how this is bug?? one of our team actually went through it and end up in kalima 😄 I think it was beneficial for opponent!
  5. Dear @Ivan Nebraska, please check my logs, Bladozito was afk in VIP9 since around 9am this morning. I got nothing to hide, but I believe the accuser should be punish for faults allegations. I would strongly suggest to check his own logs.
  6. 1. SudjDreD2. Origin. Main3. 4.2 4. https://mu.bless.gs/en/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=EVRO&serv=server4 5.
  7. zilvinas11


    Can you see how many reports here vs 12zen on this forum??? Summoning from VIP to stadium and killing, calling other players "dogs", harassing, bullying others players. and Admins still will not do anything about it! Admins will ban people for writing 3 times in /post reported by Craft, but will not take action if -OG- calls other "dog"?
  8. Hes means that Aluf killed him in KA arena around 22:00 server time. what screen shot do you need to proof it? while he's killing in KA?
  9. zilvinas11

    KD (12noLIFE)

    @vsem3avse revenge will be served to you. 😄
  10. @BeL4eNaK I think NeverDie just admitted how they did it for CHILL and they knew about the bug for few month now.
  11. So many time, I found Party request from MON5TER or Aluf. When questioned, explanations was: "your enemy and we do everything to stop you progressing, gaining level or zen". 😄
  12. Its just shows that he can get away from anything that they do, no matter what. @BeL4eNaK no surprise that this server is dead.
  13. Hmm... I can smell a rat here ? left the game.. and when entered again he is KA?? never ever seen anything like this ?
  14. Will see what Admin will do about it. We can see clearly that MON5TER abused game bugs and did not reported it as they always claim they do. Proof is these black on white. Now is down to admins to do right thing.
  15. what you saying does not make sense! does not matter who logged MON5TER, just punish the char for 3.1.
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