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  1. aesthmg

    No server showing

    I'm not using pingzapper or anything, I turned on Enhanced Protection and ran with Main file and it works.
  2. aesthmg

    No server showing

    what you trying to say?
  3. aesthmg

    No server showing

    this is solved
  4. aesthmg

    No server showing

    Hi team, After I enable Enhanced Protection in Launcher settings, theres no servers showing. See screen recording below.
  5. All excuses aside, I will live stream the match. Just get your gears, skills and pp ready @anabolic
  6. My name: Quan-Vu Duelist: anabolic Hi team, I would like to ask anabolic to a duel for 10k bon sever or 5k pp. If any admin or mod available to moderate the match would be great too. anabolic can reply with agree for this match. Thanks all,
  7. Why does admin not seeing this on his twitch channel? Is it ok to be racist towards all Vietnamese players? Is this how you want to promote to Vietnamese players? I know we donate to the game alot too, its time for admins to do something about this promotion of hate..
  8. I'm sorry but do you even know what you talking about? Before commenting make sure you know what does "macros" mean..
  9. Hello, thanks for crying to admin so i have a chance to prove myself. Please see below our duel record and also 2 cc which was the same with your cc video above. The duel: CC1: CC2 PS. I can duel you anytime in the future with admin watching, if you can kill me 5 times ill give you 10400 bon web.
  10. Regarding Rich modified client, where was the video for this? FAQ for reporting here -
  11. I was talking about Spell case? why was he double tele and didn't get ban but Haru got banned with the same? I'm just being reasonable here..
  12. Regarding spell tele, i don’t know if he was hacking or not but this is similar to Harunaga case where he was permanently banned:
  13. No heart feeling but banning without a report is pretty biased and not fair to the people who donated to the game. I hope admins have a proper explanation for rich cheating, it's one of the top account (not from buzz). Again I'm just curious, no heart feelings.
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