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  1. 3 lines of comprehensive text and easy to understand explanation is too much for you to handle? Well no wonder I guess, pitiful. And nothing I said was racist so don't play the victim card here, pathetic.
  2. All I said was "Enjoy the ban" after you said all the things you said, so don't pretend like you said this because I said something or because I killed you in a PvP enabled zone. Also telling me to grow up and be a man does nothing, boomer and third world quote that nobody with an actual brain cares about, nor do I care about you calling me a "crying little girl" if to you, someone reporting your offense, means crying, then I have nothing logical to say to you since you clearly won't be able to comprehend it, so I leave you with this. You talk about growing up and being a man, how about you deal with the consequences of what you said, clown.
  3. 1. Archon2. Vegas3. 4.2 + 4.34. TRONADOR5.
  4. This is the case with all the servers really, its happening on Vegas since the start and is still going on till now, every rare mob/boss spawn is camped by 1 guild, maybe 2, players that are not part of those guilds have 0% chance of actually progressing far on this server without having to spend 100's of $ to buy things with real money.
  5. Hello, as the title says, I'm here to suggest a thing or three that in my personal belief would be beneficial for the longevity of the server as well as making it over-all more player friendly rather than benefiting only a handful of very specific people which is overall not worth naming. I will be listing what I have in mind and explaining why I think it would be beneficial to do so. - Turning off PvP in Crywolf Event - The reason for that is because the event is entirely PvE focused and is all about co-operation between players, currently on Vegas, not a single Crywolf event has succeeded because a handful of 15-25 players literally just go monkey mode and instead of participating in the event and defending the Crywolf Statue, they instead kill each other over a single Dark Elf kill before the event fails entirely, its idiotic, its completely counter productive, it serves absolutely no purpose and just makes the event itself impossible to finish given the mindsets of the top 20-30 players that do nothing but go full trigger-happy monkey mode and kill each other. - Limiting the amount of Mu clients you can have open at one time - The reason for that I think is that currently, on Vegas, I would wager that 50-60% of online players are bot-gold farming accounts sitting 24/7 in maps with rudolf and doing nothing but picking up gold. The reason I believe that removing the ability to do so for the most part would be beneficial both to the over-all market of the game, as well as longevity of the server, it would make players progress through the game slower, the turnover of gold across the entire server would be much lower and actually create incentives for people to player the game like a normal human being and not bots. - Remove Server announcements of Condor Beasts, Ice Devils/Lords/Kings, Relics of Kundun, Ancient Lord C - The reason why this would improve the server is because I believe that creating these announcements does nothing but gate-keep most players from actually being able to find and hunt these mobs, currently the flow of all the rare mobs is controlled by a very extremely low amount of people, without the announcement these rare mobs will be subject to kills by a bit more "noobish" players rather than dying every single time to the same people that strictly control who kills and who doesn't kill them. This serves absolutely no purpose other than making the already richest players even more rich, it gate keeps the more noobish players from actually progressing in the game, and over-all just make the game far more trivial and subject to afk/botting because if you know the time the mob was killed, you're able to only come and hunt them when they spawn instead of actually running around and looking for the said mobs. Overall I believe that implementing things that would be more beneficial to new/noobish players or those that don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on bonuses nor are part of the hard-gate keeping 2-3 guilds that I don't have to name, as well as just over-all making the longevity of the server longer, because it would take longer for people to create most of the end-game items as well as the pace at which they can reset. I am not suggesting to implement this right now to Vegas and so on, but I believe these suggestions would be a good idea for the next server and so on.
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