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  1. takoj bomzik .. idi igratj nau4isj, ty kak drevesina padajesh ..
  2. Da ne otmazvaisja, vse tut uje tak jasno. Ja na gordex postike silku kinul gde pacana zabanili za to 4to on v post napisal pro pradazu za real, a tut javno vidno tebe uje vse shva4eno.
  3. Kakoj ty pizdun... sam gavarish u tebe uje estj ''Deal na 300$'' 4ego rty tut gonish.. idi v ban nubas..
  4. Dear administration what do you still wait for ??? there is topic where guy just posted in post he sell for money and got banned for rule 8, in this situation its a 100% Ban!! Ban Ban Ban!!!
  5. its cause of Marlon quest, every time you do a reset it will reset also so you just have to finish Marlon quest again for additional 1 point.
  6. lol, naverno ne vse ty u nas raskazvajesh server trudnij 4iti tut i tam.. Nu i esle tebe vipki netu togda vozvratitj oni ne4ego ne budet kak po sudi eto bezplatnij server i mojesh igratj bezplatno, a tak vipku b vazvratili esle eto to4no ihnej kasjak.
  7. If u look at your formula and then come back to basic math then energy at this point is 0, why u add a multiplication by 0 if you can take it out and its will be pure energy. Cause it should be multiplied by 1 then its pure and it is what it is, other ways dear administration use calculator and try to multiple any number by 0.0 all ways the result is 0.... like what is wrong with u people ?
  8. mammus


    u need to add date on your videos, when stuff like this happens make a screenshot also, as there u can see actual date of incident. Thanks.
  9. Mhm 4iter pa*****!!! Tak tebe i nado!
  10. Its funny when admins doesn't know actual information about him own server he's responsible for. On sub2 server aida is non pvp zone where u cant hit anyone but mobs. Checked and farmed zen over there for months. Maybe lately with last updates its been changed, what i doubt for. So admin please have some more competence, before give some answers, as the guy got actually killed by someone on no pvp zone.Thank you!
  11. Hahaha u thot its so easy, lol ye its only for rings and shields
  12. Da mudaki i astajotsa bez charov, no na samom dele dagavarjonije sdelki eto tema !
  13. 1. -Knight-2. x100 King3. 2.14. https://mu.bless.gs/ru/index.php?page=info&act=getchar&name=MrChym&serv=server15.
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