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  1. qBacca_

    Hacker CC

    Sadly administration won't do anything because report is not by rules.
  2. I must be blind. Because I don't see zSpeciaL anywhere near you in video. All I see is Al-Qaeda dying This way I can make video on anyone who is offline or other server and say they did "alt+f4"
  3. @ReDLaDY(king) You clearly can see who is provoking here in screen shots. After you take boss you gotta say something for some reason, such as "bomji" etc. Why? Just take it, stay quite and play on, be humble. Who ever sits on "-OG-" needs some help with anger management, very aggressive guy.
  4. qBacca_


    REC for alliance for now being if you don't mind, to check your activity. Pm me your discord name Thanks
  5. To be honest. For once I agree with you there, that anyone could take a picture of your "Demon" and sell from random discord account for real money. And at the end you get banned for no reason if it wasn't you, i get it wouldn't be happy about it as well. But I assume somehow administration will find out was it you or not. Hiding information and transferring your character to a different account won't help.
  6. "но Соната забанили именно за это, насколько я понимаю." I think he got banned for this reason no? Might be wrong tho, not sure. But topic is about "ducruby" not "Sonate" right now. Ya'll should make another topic if you want to discuss about this imo.
  7. @ducruby Definitely not using any sorts of combo clicker or macro right? I assume you just like to type "1g2o3 1g23o1" in chat for no reason
  8. "без выкупа"
  9. Dear MuBless administration Can you please fix visual bugs in chaos castle. This is not first time that happened to me and people I know, mostly happens against BK's. I have options on ultra and distance is maxed out. I am running away from BK I see him in middle of map and I am standing or maneuvering around corner and then out of nowhere he appears in me and 1 shots with combo (full hp - full SD). Thanks for your attention
  10. Ban is permanent. You should move on to other server where cheat engine is allowed. In this server it's not allowed.
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