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  1. See, that's toxicity right there. Why are you mad if we are in the top guild? Are you jealous that you got kicked out of the guild? Ohhh my god. HAHAHAHA If I'm a noob, why can't you fight me evenly? haha. You just kill me when I'm on afk. If I fight back, you run away. And by the way, you are not also worthy of my time but I gave you the time you wanted since you are the one making reports. Next time if you don't wanna waste your time then stop playing a victim with the issues you are making. And also before I forget. Stop being hateful and toxic towards the players that gets better opportunity specially new ones since they just wanna have fun. That's not nice. You can play but stop being a bully and toxic.
  2. Well I'm new here. If I get any judgement from the admins, It's up to them but not to you. I'll accept it. And really bro? Playing victim again? hahahah You asked me for the 10th time? sure? Broooo, all of us getting killed without any apparent reason and leaving a noob or weak chat. Then now you are saying leave me alone? Why don't you do that to yourself and leave us all alone? If you wanna fight, why won't you fight in the event? I haven't seen you in any event though. Maybe your just scared. You're just having fun being toxic. Now editing is bad again and against the rules? Even though I just thought I'm editing my first chat? HAHAHAHA EVERYTHING is an ISSUE to you bro. Are you planning to ban us all so that you can be what you self proclaim as, Top of the top? Hahahahaha
  3. Toxic? So, you are not being toxic right? hahaha. So, bullying isn't toxic? Saying they should buy some bons like you so that they won't get killed? You are just speaking your language to the post ingame and changing some letters just for us not to translate everything and just you and some other guys from your country just reads. Bro, you are a manipulative person. Guys like you are being toxic just to free themselves to the realworld.
  4. Everyone is just scared to speak up since they already invest a lot of effort and money to this game. Since, justice in this game won't work properly and they might get ban instead of having this guy ban. But in silence, they are all mad at this guy right here.
  5. well, if I get muted it means admins really on the side of people who bully much haha
  6. Such a shame bro. You always make issues then you're the one making reports when they're mad. You even curse at me before but you didn't hear anything. Killing while on afk and saying our guild is noob and I should quit so I won't get killed. But still all you encounter that has lower level and reset than you, gets killed. By the way admins, isn't that bullying? Now, of course admins won't ban you since you said you always buy bons and donate and that's keeping you from getting ban. Well that's a fair justice coming from you guys. You might wanna keep this server to this guy right here cause sooner, everyone will quit just because of a unfair justice. You might wanna online more often to witness everything.
  7. Another bully getting butt hurt over words and pretending to be innocent after killing afk's and lower resets 🤷‍♂️😀
  8. if you're referring to out job that needs to be change, well, you don't have the right to. my job gives me my expenses to play and if I lose my job, I can't play like you cause I don't have a MOMMY to help me with the expenses. Unlike you. But if you are referring with the job of the admin, it's up to them how they punish you about what you are saying 😄
  9. Castle siege is fun since every time I took my lunch break, that's when it started. So, I can play the whole event from start to finish. Now, I think I'm gonna have to play while working since daylight saving time started. Maybe admin can adjust the time for us to still enjoy the event.
  10. Broo, what is happening to this server? Banning account that doesn't have cheats while other account that uses cheats needs to be escalate a lot of times before getting ban. I know this account, cause this provided us some of the items we needed. He stores most of his items and jewels into that account. If he uses cheats, why would we use it to a spare account that doesn''t even fight anyone? bruh, this doesn't make sense.
  11. Just wanna share my thoughts about this. I have nothing against the two of you. I'm now part of Imox and zombie is my former master in sentinel. However, as a Filipino, that statement actually means "Slave of Vietnam" and not "Slave Vietnam". There's an issue between zombie and Imox leaders but for us Filipino members of Imox, we are not part of it nor want to be included to any issue between them. I'm not on zombie's side, I'm just stating the real translation of what he said. About banning him, I think is not appropriate either, since he's been helping other players through his streams and streaming is outside of this issue. But, it's the admins decision after all and if the admin reads this, please drop the dark phoenix feather, been looting it for 2 weeks now. Thanks 😄
  12. LOL. When you try to bully someone and that someone fights back. Now you cry and report to admin and make yourself the victim of the mess you started. Hahaha. That's funny bruh, I haven't encountered any issue's with IVANKILLER. He even helped me when I was still starting this game. But bruh, you guys from mu4life always start something and get mad when players fight back. "I'm scared" and "stop daddy please"? Bruh better find a better script than that. Just saying and passing by. Thanks hahaha
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