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  1. For rhis day Jade is alive and i think throwing us at Avalon would cause a disaster for Jade. In general there should be more proactive promotions going out of the bubble which is wider than our discord there should be systems wich would allow new people to satr joining old servers... Merging servers is just probably worst way to solve problem which is called lack of people. If Jade merged to Avalon we would get demolished 2-3 actives gilds would be forsed to merge while there would be loss of players and if Avalon opposing guilds decides that they want keep server to them they could do that without much of resistance. Basicaly same as Trowing Vegas to Jade tbh not sure at this point Zurkas might win XDD
  2. i am goblin i newer sell my JEWELS
  3. hoangdetn


    1. Well what if i said that i have 60 characters like this with 160+ tasks done ? 2. The main thing of this is to reduce massive i mean massive gap which appears with top end pets and mid geared people. I will repeat my self again pet literally multiplies all your stats by 1.4. And more gear you have the bigger gap it gets 40% isnt just a 40% its way much more for someone with top end set with full stats and is different story for someone with low set and low achievements and low guild buff and no vip all those are multiplied so if someone do not have any pet they are screwed and pets who are below black Fenrir is straight inferioir.
  4. nobody play 1 character here 😄 so 30 cashpoint is nothing in that case. For example i have 5 characters so i need 5 times more cash point.
  5. So in stadium some BC mobs give quest progress some dont i noticed that mobs up to beast give progress but Knights, Sorceress and Soldiers dont - i think those mobs should give progress since getting BC tickets sometimes is impossible bcs of lacking chaos drops
  6. "Login to Jade Sub 2 will be fixed in a couple of hours"


    How long is a few hours?  And is there any compensation for those whose accounts are stuck? Admin? I've disconnected my account twice but still can't log in

  7. Quan điểm của tôi là nội quy quy định top 1 King Of Ring không được tham gia lần thứ 2 nhưng đã biết điều đó và cố tình vi phạm. Vì vậy cần phải xử lý!
  8. i'm the loser in this battle and I also want Admin Ivan to tell me if Kahex has bug point. I don't think his stuff is better than mine. I hope Admin will check. Thanks you ! I had to spend 20 bottles of SD X-Shop in this battle. My items are almost all +15
  9. Are you the winner in this battle or am I?
  10. I'm OnlyMe , What did I do wrong here ? Admin Ivan can check my items and point!
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