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  1. olly1

    Death King

    they spawn random, but try your luck there... http://prntscr.com/v2ppe4
  2. Magic and ability - nothing... they are for crafting
  3. well... do you guys know anything about google? - https://forum.muxglobal.com/index.php?/topic/3047-how-to-fix-a-corrupted-file-error/
  4. LOL! You have to wait more than 4 min to get answer...
  5. olly1

    Illusion of Kundun

    it spawns 2hr after kill. so go and wait
  6. King x100 Trade Mantle +L = 3rd Elf wings
  7. BUY IRIS +L + DD +MANA +XX Server - King x100 In game nick - Mazaa
  8. Mazaa / King a1-b1-b2-b3-c4-d4-d5-c5-c6-d6-e6-f6
  9. olly1

    Zen in storage

    u know that u can carry just 2 kkk on one character? and the same goes for vault...
  10. olly1

    Golden invasions

    u need to refresh page every now and then...
  11. he was probably left down corner... people all the time do this...
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